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Man caves have been the havens of fathers and husbands everywhere since the dawn of marriage and family life. If you don’t yet have such a dwelling to retreat to, you need to consider spending some of your pandemic days sorting out your own little patch. This will be your domain, so you decide the decor, how to kit it out, and the sorts of activities that go on in there. It doesn’t matter whether you want some peace and quiet to read a sports magazine or whether you want some space to kick back and play your video games, here are some essentials that every top class man cave should have.


If you are planning on opening up your man cave to your friends, you might be keen to create some sort of socializing area. A bar with some optics and cool lighting, like those at is very on trend. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve invited your pals around or not, some optics with your favorite tipples can be perfect to while away an evening. Don’t neglect the need for a fridge and freezer. Mini travel varieties that fit into any space are perfect. These are needed to keep some ice in the vicinity for perfect scotch on the rocks and for some ice cold beers. 


For many people, entertainment begins and ends with the size of their TV screen. If you have the space, consider purchasing a large 42 inch LED screen that is full HD ready. Hook up Netflix, ensure that you have a superior WiFi connection, and house your console underneath. 

Alternatively, you might be a little more retro with your need for entertainment. Head to to check out the latest cornhole style games available. These are perfect for when you have your pals around and your keen to partake in some team games with a few drinks in hand. Or perhaps, you want to hark back to your childhood days and revisit your youth by playing some board games. Or maybe dungeons and dragons is more your thing.

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Some people enjoy utilizing their man caves for their collections. You might have a phenomenal collection of 1960s vinyl or perhaps you have some old school video games that you need to store which may require some DIY. Consider the sorts of modular storage options that would fit into your man cave. If you have a small shed or a room upstairs, think about zoning off a wall specifically for storage. This can be a real asset to your room and allow your man cave to become more museum or gallery like. Housing a display of cool model figurines, antique tin plate toys, or your sci-fi DVD collection can make your man cave feel more like a home. Being surrounded by the things that you love can be calming, helping you to destress after a tough day at work.

Man caves are great spaces for you to enjoy some peace and quiet on your own. This alone time is important, especially during these anxiety-inducing pandemic days.

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