Everything You Need To Start A Youth Soccer Team


Do you think you need to give your kids a reason to get outside and start playing more sport? Well, I bet you aren’t the only parent in your area that thinks that! A recent study shows that only one in three children are regularly physically active, and this has got a lot of parents wondering if they can encourage their children to be even more sportier and involved in more exercise.

Struggling to think of reasons to get kids up onto their feet? Well, I’ve got a great idea for you – how about starting your very own youth soccer team? If you open it up to all the kids in your local area, then you could train on a weekly basis and eventually might be able to compete in a little league. How great would it be for all the kids to bring a trophy home!

Don’t worry, setting up a youth soccer team isn’t too difficult. Here are just a few pointers that you need to remember.

Advertise When And Where

First of all, you need to decide where you will hold your practices and at what time. You will probably have to use a specialist venue, such as your local leisure center. It could also be worth asking at your local school. If they don’t already have their own soccer team, they might be happy for you to use their facilities. Once you know when and where the practices will be, you will be able to start advertising so that people find out about the team.

Sort Out A Team Kit

Next, you will need to get a kit ready so that everyone can wear the team colors when you are playing matches in tournaments and leagues. If you take a look at these high school soccer uniforms, you will get a good idea of the kinds of things that are available. Most soccer coaches will ask the kids to pitch in and buy their own jerseys so that they can cover the cost of getting them made. I’m sure this is one cost that the parents won’t be too bothered about making.

Consider Your Coaching Philosophy

You need to think about what kind of coach you are going to be and the various values that your team stands for. These should set you apart from all the other teams out there in any league or tournament. Make sure you clearly communicate this philosophy to all the kids in the team so that they understand them and support them. They’ll then be fantastic representatives of the team when out on the field!

Plan For The Long Term

It’s a good idea to set up a long-term training plan that you can stick to for all your sessions with the team. This can help them improve their skills and they will then evolve into much better players.

A youth soccer team will be a great addition to any community. What are you waiting for – it’s time to set one up to benefit local kids now!


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