Expanding Your Small Business’ Reach This Year!


When we start out in business, we tend to have relatively humble expectations. As we begin to generate sales, things get exciting. As our businesses grow and expand, we start taking things a lot more seriously. Before you know it, you’re considering how you can reach out to even more people! If this sounds familiar, read on for some information regarding how to expand your business’ reach this year!

Get Online

The first step that you can take towards expanding your reach is to take your business online. Of course, there is still potential for traditional brick and mortar businesses. But when you create a website and allow anyone with an internet connection to browse your stock, you can tap into all sorts of markets you’d never have considered reaching out to before.

At the end of the day, you never know where your biggest customer base could lie. It won’t necessarily be in the town where your business is based. It could be overseas! By adding the simple option of international shipping to your postage choices, you can ship your goods to any willing customer around the world.

Attend Exhibitions

Exhibitions are a great opportunity to expose your brand and raise brand awareness in towns that might not have heard of you or your products yet. So, book a stand and hire a truck to transport any stock that you think you will sell to the exhibition hall. Consider offering your wares at a lower price than usual to people in attendance.

This will encourage them to try your products and can help to establish a new customer base. If they like what they try, they will then be willing to look you up and either order your products online or find a local stockist. If you experience any problems on the roads when you’re transporting your stock for exhibitions up and down the country, reach out to Hughey Injury Lawyers.


Networking is a great way to establish your business as a serious competitor in its field. You can spread your company name far and wide by establishing positive connections with others in your field.

Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

Whether you use social media yourself or not, it’s a great business tool. Consider collaborating with social media influencers in order to introduce your brand to some completely new audiences. Social media influencers are individuals who have a lot of followers – each time they post, their content is viewed by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people. So managing to plug a product on their page can see masses flood to your website in a bid to check your products out.

These are just a few different ways that you can significantly expand your business’ reach in the future. But start engaging with them now for optimal results!


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