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Businesses have one goal in mind: exposure. Without exposing your business to a variety of different audiences, you aren’t going to get the crowd that you deserve and your business is going to suffer as a result. This is why it’s incredibly important to try and get your brand out there as early as possible, but once that initial rush has died down there are very few ways to help grow your product and name further.

One of the simplest ways to have more customers buy your wares is to offer more product options. Note this doesn’t mean just letting them pay with a credit or debit card (what business takes cash-only nowadays?)  but it refers to ways to get your product into the hands of a wider audience with unique strategies. Not sure what this refers to? Then here are a couple of examples to help get the creative ideas flowing.

Trial Products and Samples

When you have a hot product that is either new to the industry or controversial, you’ll want to try and hand out trial products and samples as early as possible. This could be a time-limited demonstration of an application you’ve created, or it could be small volume bottles of a new product that you’ve released. Whatever it is, make sure you’re appealing to curious shoppers by giving them smaller samples so they can get hooked on your product.

A unique way to utilize this for software is to create a free version of your flagship application. Many developers do this to let people try their products before they buy, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to have permanent free versions with paid services. The situation can vary depending on your product, but it’s always a good idea to look into free products to lower the barrier to entry that you have set.

Offer Your Customers Credit Options

Credit options are becoming popular due to the price of certain items such as new phones and tablets. If you want to get your product into more hands, then you need to understand that most consumers don’t have large sums of money to spend on an expensive product. If you can offer them low-interest credit rates, then they’ll be more likely to purchase expensive products from your business.

Of course, you’re going to need a specialized service such as Portfolio Credit Control and a team of financial advisers to help you with credit options. If someone refuses to pay, then you’re going to end up causing more problems for your business than positives. In short, don’t attempt this option unless you’re financially prepared with the right support staff.

Unique Opportunities For Unique Businesses

Opening your product to a wider audience really depends on what you offer. If you’re an online retailer then something like credit options can make a world of difference and increase the number of sales you make. However, if you have a unique product such as a software application, then offering free versions can make headlines and increase your exposure dramatically.


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