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Later this week I’m going to be taking a closer look at Falcon Expenses, an iOS app that lets you track your expenses, billable time, and mileage.  You can then use Falcon Expenses to generate and send invoices based on this data.  For a consultant like me, this is a dream come true.  This would combine a couple of different apps that I currently use into one.

So, here is a quick interview with Brooke Sugarman, the Founder and CEO of Falcon Expenses.  Be sure to check out the full review of Falcon Expenses later in the week.  We’ll be including a promo code for an in app purchase within Falcon Expenses.

How did Falcon Expenses come to be?

I used to be a business traveler and I disliked the process of filling out excel spreadsheets with my expense data and taping receipts to pieces of paper, then scanning them in for submittal. This was a particularly excruciating process particularly after I spent a number of years in Canon’s enterprise software division designing business process optimization workflows that hybridized paper to digital workflows (leveraging technologies such as scanning and optical character recognition).

Why should I use Falcon Expenses?

1. Fully Mobile
We are the first truly functional fully mobile expense reporting solution for professionals and the business world. For example, with Falcon Expenses you can add expenses directly to a report. Or if you want to simply quickly enter expenses on-the-go, and organize them later we make that easy. Users can quickly sort and filter expenses by date, client, project etc. and create reports to email to anyone in a PDF or spreadsheet format – all in a tap. Other solutions, while having the cool mobile factor, are often even more difficult to use then your current excel spreadsheet.

2. One Mobile Solution for Expenses
With Falcon Expenses you can use one mobile solution to scan receipts, track mileage, and log time. You no longer need more than one solution, or even a clumsy desktop solution. Falcon Expenses is great for both freelancers and employees of companies. Further, it can be used for expense reports and invoices (you know, those invoices you send clients to get reimbursed for receipts, time and mileage).

3. Our Vision for Complete Automation
Central to our vision is a completely automated solution. Today we accomplish this through our receipt scanning service (which types the merchant, date and amount from the receipt), our integrated timer, mileage tracking via GPS and what was covered in point 1. We have much more to come on the road map, such as machine learning and much more advanced algorithms, so stay tuned …

4. Easy to Use
Lastly, we are truly easy to use and put a lot of focus in creating an intuitive interface and experience.

Why did you choose iOS as your platform?

iOS provided a consistency across the platform to allow us to focus on creating the best solution for taking the pain out of expense reports.

Do you have any plans to bring Falcon Expenses to other platforms (Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone)?

Yes, we have plans to bring the solution across all platforms.

Can you share any future plans for Falcon Expenses?

Yes, we have a lot of exciting things on the road map including mobile approvals and integration with accounting systems.

Thanks again to Brooke from Falcon Expenses for taking time out of her schedule to answer our questions.  Check back with us in a day or two for the complete review of Falcon Expenses.

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    • Doug, thanks for the feedback. I see that the app has pretty good reviews on the app store. Customer support can sometimes be difficult for smaller companies. I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with them.

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