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I think it’s fitting that the first post on my new blog is one that mixes family and business.  You see, this blog is a mashup of two blogs I previously ran.     But we’ll get to that later.  I’d like to start by asking a question of you dads (or moms) out there who also own a business.  How to you balance the time needs of your family with the many tasks that are required when you own a business?

This is a tough situation because our family needs us there to spend time with them…but they also need us to earn a living by working hard.  It comes down to priorities but it is not simple in any way shape or form.    I don’t think any of us would prefer to work instead of spending time with your family (well, maybe a few of you) but there are times when your business must come first.  The key is to minimizing these instances.

As I sit here writing this post, I’m watching Disney channel with my two boys.  Sure, it will take me twice as long to finish it because I have to stop every few minutes to watch something the kids are doing.  I don’t want to miss it when the 4 yr old flips off the couch (and maybe breaks an arm).    I’ve been struggling the last few months as I balanced a full time job, small consulting business, and two blogs.

I started Mobile Apps 4 Biz a couple of years ago.  It focused on mobile tools for small business owners and I was able to build it up over the course of a couple of years to something profitable.   But I became bored with it so I started Dad’s Theory so I could write about my family and anything else I wanted to.  But running two blogs with everything else was too much.  I found myself staying up late working on them.  This is usually the time my wife and I lay in bed and talk.  This is precious time that I was missing out on.

So I made the tough choice to merge the two sites.  The drawback here is that all of the rankings and status from Mobile Apps 4 Biz is gone.  It will take time to build this blog up to that level.  But it’s worth it in the long run.  The benefit is that now I have more time to spend with my family and I don’t stay up late every night working on the sites.

There will be times when I have work I can’t avoid (usually with my consulting business) and I have to get it done regardless of what else is going on.  The goal is to limit these moments and strike a better balance.  There will also be times when we have family activities that cannot be shirked.  These take priority.  Your job is temporary but your family is not.  The times you spend with you children will be precious as both of you get older.

So how do you manage to balance your family and business lives?

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Ben is a follower of Christ, a rabid computer geek, small business owner, and breaker of things. He is married way above his station in life and has three wonderful children who have made driving him insane their mission in life.


  1. I have a VERY hard time balancing my blog and family time. It’s hard because I am my own boss. That should be easy, but it’s not. You tend to slack a bit when you are your own boss…that’s something I have to stop. I have to start making myself accountable. Anyway, sometimes you just have to unplug and plug into your family 🙂

  2. I am still struggling to find that balance. It’s really hard to keep focus on work when family life is going on around you. For me, I made the biggest strides when I started organizing my day with a planner. Believe it or not, using a day planner is actually a new concept to me. 😉

  3. Kandi Slocum on

    I try to keep to that balance. My goal schedule is to only blog at nights after my kids are in bed and when my hubby is at work (he works till 3am). So when normal bloggers take Sunday’s off I am taking Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s off.

  4. I think this is great. My husband has his own business and works from home so when I get to be on the computer is scattered and never on a schedule. I don’t blog when my kids are awake and I tend to try to stay away from the computer at all when they’re awake. I love my kiddos and they will only be little once.

  5. Bismah Abdelgawad on

    Nice post! I too try and keep blogging time for when my little ones are having their short play times such as watching a little television, running around the home, or are sleeping. This can be difficult though as you mentioned as they still need to be checked on from time to time. I also use some of the time I am spending with my kids to come up with new learning tools, crafts, or creative play ideas and then use them to share in my blog. It is not always easy but it is doable.

  6. I’m still working on balance, myself. It seems that the best thing that I’ve found is to work on a laptop in the living room… this way I can still supervise/parent my children, and I’m accessible to just close the laptop and play with them when they decide it’s time for some mommy cuddles.

    • Yeah, I just can’t tell my 4 yr old no when he wants to sit with me while I’m on my laptop. It’s impossible to type…so while he sits there I take that time to do things that don’t require much typing. I know the day will come that he won’t want to sit with me…so I enjoy each time he does now.

  7. This is such a great post and a good reminder that we have to learn to balance our business and family. I find it hard sometimes trying to balance them both but I’ve learn to just close my business down at a reasonable time so I can interact with the family .

  8. Banglewood Crafts on

    I love this post. I am always in search of balance for my life, loves and business. It can be challenging. Your post was helpful and a great reminder.

  9. This is such an important discussion for husbands and wives to have. The balance is so hard to find- but it is possible. As long as everyone is on the same page – it can be a challenge, but a great reward as well.

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