FileMaker Go 11 for iPad

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Small Biz Dad has introduced a new App Directory category.  The App Directory will be used as a basic listing of apps that we feel are useful.  The post will include the basic description, link to the market/app store, and the listed cost.  We hope this will be of benefit to our readers.



Tackle any task on your iPad with FileMaker Go. Close sales deals on the road, manage project status while traveling, organize research notes in the field, or check inventory in the warehouse – all while you’re on the go.

Use FileMaker Pro, the leading easy-to-use database software, to create custom solutions for your iPad. Then use FileMaker Go to remotely access these solutions on your iPad. Easily view, edit and search for your information. Many FileMaker Pro features such as portals, Tab Controls, Quick Find, Web Viewers, FileMaker Charts and most scripts work just the same on FileMaker Go.

FileMaker Go also includes digital signature capture, the ability to view and edit charts created with FileMaker Pro 11, and support for AirPrint – a feature in the latest iOS.

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