Galaxy Note 2: A Great Phone for Small Business and Individuals


When I got my first smart phone years ago, the vision I had was to have a phone that would really help me run my web business remotely when I was away from my desk. Well the phones I have had in the past could do something but not everything I needed.  The best thing my past smart phones have been able to do have been email, web browsing, and Twitter. All of that has changed with my recent purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Simply put this is an awesome phone. I am not going to go through all of the specs or technical details nor am I going to compare it to other phones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a great set of features. The features which make this phone stand out from others and one that small business users can appreciate are:

1. Screen:  the resolution and size are great. It is one of the biggest screens out there but after using it for a while you will get used to it. Having the extra real estate makes it easy to work on the phone.

2. S-Pen: With the S-pen and the appropriate apps, you no longer have to bring paper and pens to meeting. You can easily take notes, written or verbal on the Note 2 and organize, save, and share.

3. Multi-screen:  Right now the options of this feature depends on carrier and if your phone is rooted or not. Only certain apps can be used in multi-window mode but as more developers use this feature, the better it will get. Surfing the web, taking note, writing an email at the same time is great.

4. Hardware: Built with a quad core processor, 4G LTE, and a huge battery, the Note 2 has been able to handle anything I have thrown at it. Right now I am averaging 2 days before I have to charge the battery!

5. Android OS: The phone come with Android 4.1.1 and allows we to run all of the apps I need, plus a few more I could not access on my old DroidX phone.

For any small business a mobile phone is almost a necessity. But with some many on the market, which should they choose?  When looking at smartphones, they need to decided what it is they need/want from an Android smartphone. What do they need to do away from the office? What do they need to keep up with?  Right now the Galaxy Note 2 is clearly (in my mind) the best choice for small business.


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