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You know, my life isn’t all work and kids and wife.  Sometimes I have time to kill and when I do I usually turn to my phone.  Smartphones are the ultimate way to waste time.  We have a seemingly unlimited number of games and apps to keep us occupied.  So today I decided to to a quick game review.  I found this game because my son likes to play it so I downloaded it to my phone to try it out.

I’m looking at 100 Ballz for Android.  This is a simple game that becomes very addictive very quickly.   The premise is very simple.  I find that many addictive games are not complicated (Flappy Bird).  Anyway, with 100 Balz you start with….100 balls (crazy right) and you hold down the screen to drop them through a hopper into cups that are moving beneath it.  The game begins very easy with the cups moving at a very slow pace.  But as you progress the cups speed up and the difficulty level increases.  Of course any balls not going into a cup is lost.  Balls that go into a cup are recycled back into the hopper.  You continue until you have no balls left.

There are tons of variations on this game from just as many developers.  I picked this one because it was the most popular.  I don’t know if the other variations have the same gameplay.   You have to be careful with these types of games because many types there are knockoffs which contain malware or are there simply to trick you into clicking on ads.

Speaking of ads, there are quite a few in this game.  But honestly, with free games I expect it.  The developers have to make money and if the game is free I don’t mind ads.  I didn’t feel the ads in this game were over the line.  One negative I have about 100 Ballz is exiting the game.  You have to double press the back button then select Yes.  I don’t want to have to fight to get out of a game.

So, if you want a good time waster that is pretty addictive then give 100 Ballz a try.

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