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Today we have yet another entry into the task manager/todo list category.  I’m sure we all have our favorites but here at Small Biz Dad we are always open to new suggestions.

Managing your tasks and your time is of critical importance for any business person and especially for a consultant or freelancer.  Your time is literally your money.  So lets look at TimeAct and see what sets it apart.

Feature List

  1. Personal Scheduler – This is where you schedule your to do list, meetings, doctors appointments,  One Direction concerts or anything else that you need to get done.
  2. Group scheduler (family, small business) – Here is where the small business person may find a big benefit.  You can have multiple devices (and users) logged into the same TimeAct account and you can schedule group tasks or meetings easily and it is all synced using the TimeAct cloud service.
  3. Project Scheduler – Think of a project as a group of tasks and you can see the benefit here.  You can define a project add multiple tasks and then assign different people to different tasks.  This is a great way to spread the wealth and make your business much more efficient.
  4. Push Notifications – What good is a task manager if it won’t remind you to do your tasks??  Well TimeAct supports push notifications and even email notifications.  Personally the addition of email notifications puts the app on an entire new level for me.  I use my email to manage much of my time and stay organized so my task manager must support it.

TimeAct for Android works in conjunction with and the web interface is pretty nifty.  There are many options and you can tell a lot of work has been put into this overall product.

One thing I have not mentioned is that TimeAct has a feature named “Ideas”.  When you add a new task you are given three choices: Task, Idea, Project.  Ideas are basically just notes to yourself but I found them very helpful when needing to remind myself of something that isn’t really a task to complete.  I simply added an idea and used the voice recognition of my device and dictated a note quickly and easily.  This feature may be overlooked but you shouldn’t underestimate the value of it.

TimeAct for Android is a no nonsense task manager that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  Considering that it’s free you would be crazy not to at least give it a try.

TimeAct Task Manager



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