Get The Cards You Need To Beat A Hacker’s Hand


These days security is like a magic trick. By the time you realize that something is happening, it already has. In the case of a magic trick, this could be a watch slipping off your wrist. In the case of business security, it could mean TBs of data relating to your customers and their finances has already been stolen from your network. This means that you have to get ahead of the problem and make sure the measures to block the security threat are in place long before the first sign that someone is attempting to steal from your company. Before we look at how to do this, let’s examine a few things that may not be as effective as you think.

Don’t Just Rely On A Firewall

The aim of a firewall is to make sure that nothing gets onto your network that isn’t supposed to be there. This includes viruses, malicious software, hackers and even Ad-bombs. Anything like this should theoretically be blocked by a fully functional firewall. However don’t be so sure because there’s a reason Trojan viruses have their name. They can often slip through a digital defence like this completely undetected. Regular firewall testing will help make sure that your system security is up to date and ready to block attacks but something could still slip through.

Too Small To Be A Target?

Some smaller companies may think that their business is so insignificant on the market that there’s no way they are going to be targeted for a crime like this. After all, in the news, it’s always the big companies that are being hit and facing theft online.

If you are selling a product online, you are a potential target for a digital theft. It’s as simple as that, and once you are aware of this, you can start to think about how to make sure that you are as protected as you can be. Remember, they won’t just be stealing from you. They could use any information they gain to steal directly from your customers.

Get Help

You won’t be able to defend your business alone. Instead, you should look into using an IT support team. With full IT support, you can make sure that your business networks are constantly monitored and ensure that any sign of a potential theft is noticed and acted upon immediately. It’s a fallacy to think there are signs a hack is going to happen or is happening. The clues can be very subtle, and that’s why you need an expert on your side.

Full Encryptions

Lastly, you need to make sure that any information being transferred online through your website is fully encrypted. While this doesn’t completely stop a hack, it can ensure that it’s more difficult to steal customer info. It’s also rather easy to do this, simply by making sure that your site is running on HTTPS:// with an SSL in place.

We hope you find this information helpful and ensure that you take the preemptive steps necessary to protect your company.



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