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Real estate is a section of the economy that has one of if not the least amount of overall volatility. It doesn’t have the usual ups and downs that other industries and sectors have, because it’s basically a long-term product and servicing atmosphere. You don’t buy a house every other day, even if you’re rich. On top of this, the land itself is extremely precious, so buying property is something that will always be an endeavor whereby you’ll pay more this year than you did the previous year. But the modern real estate game has changed. Now, that the developing world is racing hard towards becoming developed economies, they too will need office buildings. Like never before, you will see commercial office high-rise skyscrapers emerging all over Africa, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Want to get in on the action?:

Starting off small

Following a career in the real estate industry will guarantee you a few things. Firstly, you can expect a career with a lot of progression opportunities. The pay is very good, even in smaller cities it will be above the average salary. You’ll also be able to take your skills abroad at any time once you’ve nailed down the basics and advanced nature of the industry. But, just like every other career, it’s wise to start off small i.e. from the bottom. In this regard, you should see if you would like to become a surveyor. This is a role that every single real estate company will want you to have. You will assess the quality of a home, flat or building. You’ll learn about the modern standards for plumbing, electricity, environmental care, health and safety of occupants as well as future capability in additional construction to the property. 

It’s all about energy

One day in the near future, fossil fuels will become a thing of the past. That’s why those who want to pursue a career in a commercial office building real estate, must get commissioned in various energy design, equipment, technologies, and construction fields. Speak to the AABC Commissioning Group to see what kind of training they have on offer to this exact extent. They have a high knowledge background in modern building design regarding efficient energy systems. Everything from plumbing, glass, materials and HVAC systems, they can train and teach you about the most modern standards. This knowledge can then be used for the construction of new buildings, upgrading older structures and upgrade recently built buildings as technologies improve.

Modern interior design

For those that wish to get involved in the design of apartments and penthouses, then you should really apply for a modern interior design course. Singapore and Hong Kong are some of the best places for young professionals that wish to concentrate on design, shape, size, and style. You may want to look for an interior design school you can take a course in, that will help you get started on the fundamentals.

As the real estate industry changes, you will see an incredible amount of new opportunities in green energy design and construction. 


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