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I’m a hard person to buy for…at least that’s what my wife tells me.  But honestly it’s not that difficult there are many tech gadgets and toys I’d love to have.  This Christmas, I’m writing this post to help you with at least one idea for that small business owner/consultant in your life.  Today I’m looking at a secure paper shredder.  Not sexy you say?  Well, for anyone who’s ever had their identity stolen or vital business information leaked, a secure paper shredder, like the Fellowes 73Ci, is a great gift.

Javelin Strategy and Research did a study which revealed that there was an incident of ID theft every three seconds in 2012.  Do that math on that one.  Combine that with the recent revelation that Target had 40 million credit card numbers stolen by hackers and you see the potential for disaster with your business.

Currently I have a “burn box” in my office at home.  I place my invoices, vendor invoices, client letter, client project details, and much more in that box to burn at a later date.  The reason for this is that I don’t want to be responsible for my client’s confidential information (or mine) being used by criminal or competitors.   So, a secure paper shredder is a perfect gift for me (I hope my wife is reading this).

Here are some features of the Fellowes 73Ci:

  • 100% Jam Proof System which lets you power through large stacks of paper
  • SafeSense® Technology which stops when it senses your hand – This is great because nothing ruins Christmas more than a trip to the ER
  • Proprietary energy saving system to conserve energy consumption
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Cross cut blades reduces 12 sheets of paper to 397 particles per sheet – Because you’ve seen the movies where they reassemble the paper from the long strips.  That’s not going to happen with this one.
  • The 73Ci is available at most office stores with a suggested retail price of $199.

So, the Fellowes 73Ci would be a perfect addition to my office.  I could do away with the burn box and still securely dispose of sensitive documents.  Also, let’s not forget old debit/credit cards.  Many times I just cut those in two and dispose of them.  How much more secure would it be to shred them?  Much more.  And the Fellowes 73Ci can handle them as well.  So head out this Christmas and pick up a secure paper shredder for a great gift that actually comes in handy and will be used year around.

This post was created in partnership with Fellowes. All opinions are my own.


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