Give Your Home The Update It Deserves


Starting the year off right is about getting everything in order. Once you’re organised and everything’s in its rightful place you’ll feel like you have a clean slate to work and build from. Your home should be a great place to start. All of those odd jobs you were meant to do last year could well still be there next year if you don’t get on with them now. So put everything else on hold and get them out of the way now before the months out. Once you’ve got those nuisance problems out of the way you’ll be able to give your home a well deserved lick of paint. Here’s a couple of ideas that won’t break the bank.

A Modern Twist

Get rid of that carpeted flooring and ,at down some wooden panels. Top this off with a large area rug. The bigger the rug the bigger the room will appear. It’s time to start throwing away what you don’t need or use anymore. Minimalism is the look of the future. When you strip your home back it will look cleaner and more open. Having just one large focal point in a room is better than having five small ones. Make a strong choice and don’t hold back.

Rustic Design

Updating doesn’t always mean modern, you could still opt for more primitive decor to give your home a quick revamp. Instead of adding another layer of wallpaper it could be a great idea to strip back. If you have a solid brick wall underneath with the right amount of care it can make a fantastic feature in your home. Furnishing your home with a wooden table is a great way of bringing the outdoors into your living space. Lots of people are throwing them away so try bag a bargain and then go at it with some sand paper. Finish it off with a coat of varnish to give it that final touch. It’s worth downloading Pinterest for some more ideas in this style.


Colour Scheme

Having an idea for a colour scheme in mind is a great starting point for updating a room. A mismatch of colours can be ugly and confusing bringing you more discomfort. If you’re lucky enough to have a room that bathes in natural sunlight then maximise that with neutral colours and bask in the ambience. Scented candles strategically placed can bring new smells and new life into your home. A nice idea is to choose scents that match the season of the year. Colour can affect your mood day to day so it’s important to get it right. Sticking with a neutral palette and adding small splashes of colour that reflect your personality is a good way to go.

It’s always best to put a bit of thought into the layout of your room. Drawing out what you would like to achieve first will give you a rough guide of what your going for. Have a think about what you would like it to look like before you start and go from there.


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