Giving Your Family A Nest Egg For Their Future


Looking after your kids and contributing to a (well) functioning, busy household can be a challenge, but the rewards are worth it. There does, however, always seem to be hidden and extra costs along the way that you didn’t expect, and that may put you out of pocket for a while. Whether it’s medical bills (maybe that bike for Christmas was a bad idea), or their future education you’re losing sleep over; there will always be something to pay for, and you’ll do it in a heartbeat because you love them. Therefore, it’s always worth having a contingency fund, or the security of a growing nest egg that you know is there to help you out in times of need or when something crucial pops up in life.

Another challenge is finding a way to save the pennies on a regular basis, especially when you have bills, a mortgage or rent, and the everyday family expenditures to deal with. However, there are always ways to make a little extra cash to put to one side and invest your money so that it grows for when you need it further down the line in your family’s future. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and tips for dads who are looking for ways to maximize their income and make some extra money to give their family added security and a bright financial future.

Buy Smart

If you don’t have the time or inclination to put all your spare cash and efforts into stocks and shares; there are plenty of affordable ways to invest your money wisely, with far less risk. Making the decision to buy silver bars or even gold, is far more sensible than it sounds. As global currencies that have been around for centuries; gold and silver can provide you with an investment that will appreciate over the years, and give you a pretty cool collection in the meantime.

When you’re ready; you can sell your pieces and bars on. However, you ensure that you’ve bought from a reputable dealer and have all the paperwork to prove it, much like you would with any piece of property that has value.

Utilize Time

Time is precious, especially when you have kids to raise; however, if you’re prepared to utilize some of your free time to top-up your income, you could find the added financial security that you’ve been looking for. Whether you get the family involved in a major household clearout so that you can become an eBay mogul, or you hold a regular yard sale with your kids; every little bit you earn can go towards your savings and investments.

Offer your skills and services to people at a price; your evenings and some of your weekend time can be used to promote yourself and work on getting that extra cash in the bank or putting them towards your investments or next venture. Be smart and proactive so that you can show your kids that hard work can pay off, and you’ll have enough money ready for whatever life may throw at you.


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