Giving Your Business A Grand Entrance


Appearances count in business. While most of us don’t like to judge a person by their cover, we don’t think twice about judging companies this way. It makes sense, of course. If a company doesn’t look good, they can hardly expect anyone to invest in their products. They’ll probably struggle to even catch anyone’s eye this way. After all, a company which doesn’t care about their appearance hardly inspires a vote of confidence.

Hence why most business owners spend a lot of time developing logos and marketing ideas. All the better for displaying the right appearance to the world. But, with all this effort into looking good, many big bosses neglect one crucial area. We’re talking, of course, about the lead-up to your physical space. Sure, it’s vital that your logo stands out to passersby. But, it can also help to have an innovative lead up to your shop. This will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd. Lucky for you, we’re going to look at ways you can achieve that goal.

Use Flowers

Everyone loves a flower or two, don’t they? These beauties can make anything look appealing, and your shop entrance is no different. Lining your shop window with stunning flower boxes is sure to give you an edge. If nothing else, it’ll draw the eye to your space. And, when people are already looking, it’s much easier to seal the deal than it would be otherwise.

Bear in mind that neutral colors might not do the trick here. Instead, opt for the brightest flowers you can find. Blues, yellows, and reds would all work well. Make sure, too, to keep those beds in perfect condition. If you have dead flowers in the lead up to your shop, it’s sure to turn customers away. Make sure it doesn’t happen by preening your displays every morning and watering often!


Consider The Walkway

It’s also worth considering the walkway itself. Bear in mind that you may need to get permission here. Owning the building doesn’t necessarily mean owning the pavement outside. But, if you do have authority here, it may be worth getting your logo itself painted onto the pavement. If you wanted to be a little more classy, you could always invest in engraved bricks instead, and get your company slogan printed as well. You can guarantee customers will be drawn to this. And when they are, it’s likely that they’ll stumble into your store, as well.

Fencing For Exclusivity


It may also be worth incorporating some form of fencing outside of your store. As well as helping things look neat, this provides a point of interest. In the right place, fencing can almost guide customers into your store. You could use panels between those fence poles to advertise your brand. This will much harder to ignore than a small logo up on your shop sign, and could lead to much more custom. Not to mention that putting fencing around those flowers will ensure things stay neat and tidy!


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