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The entrance to your business is the first experience anyone gets when they see it. Whether they’re employees or people coming to visit, they have to get through the door first. Making a good first impression is important, so your entrance needs to look good and work well. Not only that but security matters too when you’re considering the essential elements of a good business entrance. There are sure to be things you need to protect within your business, from your products and sensitive information to your employees. Try these tips to make some improvements to your business entrance for better security and usability.

New Signage

While it might not have a direct practical effect on your business entrance, what it looks like can still influence how your business is perceived. Having good signage can also make your business easier to find, so it’s worth considering whether yours fulfills its purpose. You might already have a sign outside your business, but they only last so long before they look worn down or out of date. It could be time for an update so you can ensure your business maintains a respectable image and it isn’t difficult to spot. A sign right above or next to your entrance is a good idea.

Better Security

Security matters for any business, but what type of security you need will vary. Some businesses are happy to have only lock and key for when there’s no one on the premises. You might also want an alarm system or security cameras. For something more sophisticated, this site can show you how an access control system might benefit your business. Some businesses need to be able to monitor who comes and goes easily. However, you might prefer to use security guards instead, especially for some types of business like retail or any that deal with sensitive information.


How accessible is the entrance to your business? If it’s not very accessible, do you have an alternative entrance that is? If your business doesn’t allow entrance to all types of people, you could be losing out, and it can make your business look unwelcoming and not very thoughtful. The best case scenario is that accessibility is built into your entrance, rather than something you have to add on using a ramp or other equipment. Some things that are useful include buttons to open doors, smooth thresholds, and either no steps or an accessible elevator or built-in ramp.

Smoother Entrances

Have you ever watched anyone struggle to get through your door? You don’t want to make it any more difficult than it needs to be to gain entrance to your business. One of the things some people might want to consider is automated doors, particularly if you have a lot of people going in and out. Obviously, security would be something to think about, but automated doors work well when there isn’t any need for a vetting process to let people in or you can use security personnel to do the job.

A few improvements to your business entrance can make a big difference. Up your security and make it a better experience for anyone who uses it.


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