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I’m not sure how long Google Keep has been around…I personally had never heard of it.  But now we have the official release and people are talking about it.  I keep hear people comparing Google Keep with Evernote.  I decided to look at it to see how they compared.

Google Keep works great…at least the functions it has works great.  I’m hoping that Google is planning on adding more features because the current version seems very limited.  The main missing feature (from my viewpoint) is the ability to organize your notes.  With Evernote you can create notebooks but Google Keep doesn’t have a similar feature yet.  I’ll be doing an in depth review soon but for now check out this video and the links to articles on Google Keep.



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By Adrian Covert @CNNMoney March 22, 2013: 12:43 PM ET

Google Keep is no Evernote-killer; calm down, everyone
Jon XavierWeb Silicon Valley Business Journal Mar 22, 2013, 3:00am PDT

With Google Keep, Google Tries To Kill Evernote
By Alexis Kleinman The Huffington Post  03/20/2013 6:13 pm EDT

Google Keep – Note taking via Google
By Brian What You Tink Daddy March 22, 2013



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