Got Commuter Blues? Make The Mornings Bright Again


Commuting to work is a way of life. There is no way around it unless you dare to be the boss. Promotions aren’t ubiquitous though, and startups take plenty of time, money and effort to get off of the ground. For now, the car, bus or train are inevitable.

The problem is the monotony. Sitting on a packed subway hurtling along at high speeds isn’t a novelty. It’s a necessity which drags after ten minutes. The blues can hit hard, and this is when tough questions begin to surface. Are you in the right job? Do you need something different?

Only you have the answers. Before you look inwards, you might want to take a look underneath. These are the ways to make commuting bearable and avoid tricky life lessons.

Take Out Insurance

The last thing anyone thinks they need is insurance. Nothing bad is going to happen on the way to work. Then, BAM! A truck crashes into the side of the car and you’re injured. Unfortunately, the current policy doesn’t cover the damage and your health provider is looking for a way out to save money. A specialist condition including commuting to work is available and is worth considering, as is legal advice from this firm. Compensation is the least you deserve and will help you get back on the horse.

Carry A Portable Charger

A cell phone or an iPod or a tablet or any mobile device is essential. Everyone knows this because it’s on the first page of the commuting handbook. The issues start when the battery dies and you’re left staring out of the windows at the walls. Feeling a little claustrophobic, anybody? A portable charger is an instant hit of power which will keep the tunes playing throughout the journey. Then, you can use the music to disappear into your head and forget about the horrible commute.

Keep A Spare Change Of Clothes

Okay, you’re not a child who can’t hold their bladder until they find a toilet. But, spare clothes aren’t for the incontinent. They are for the people who value comfort above everything else on the way home. Picture the scene. The weather in the morning was gray and cloudy and called for a jacket and pants combination. In the afternoon, the temps soared and it’s boiling. No one wants to the coroner to state death by sweating, which is why warm weather apparel is essential. Don’t forget the comfy shoes to match.

Use A Suitable Bag

As you can see, you’ll need to carry everything from clothes to electronics and paperwork. The clutch isn’t going to cut it in this respect. A bulky tote isn’t the answer either as it’ll be too heavy to carry. Thankfully, medium-sized totes are on the shelves right now and they are perfect. Look for the ones that are narrow yet deep as they can pack plenty of items.

Do the above sound as if it will turn the blues into a happy experience? If not, will it make the journey bearable?


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