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GTasks was the #3 app on our list of task management apps for Android.  GTasks lets you sync your to do list with your Google Tasks account or you can not use a Google account and just use the app in offline mode.    Beyond syncing, GTasks allows you to organize your tasks and keep up with your to do list on the go.

The feature that stands out for me is the ability to sync with multiple Google accounts and easily switch between accounts from any screen.    If you don’t want to sync with Google, then you can use local offline mode.  You can switch back and forth between multiple google accounts and offline mode.

Now what if you’re out meeting with a client and don’t have a data connection?  Well you can create an item and sync it later when you do have a connection.  This is a feature that could be taken for granted, but there are apps that use Google services which require a live connection in order to work.

GTasks features a simple user interface which looks good and is well laid out.  The performance is very good and adding new tasks is easy and intuitive.  See the full list of features below.

  • ICS(Android 4.0) style with bulk indent/move/set due date/delete and so on
  • Rich gtask (google task) client, simple todo list, checklist, note/notes pad tool.
  • Synchronize with multiple google accounts automatically, also support local mode. customize
  • sync mode: auto,manual or sync when open/exit,background sync
  • batch add notes
  • scroll horizontally to switch between task/tasklist.
  • order your todo/notes items by due date/name/create order
  • order your task list easily by dragging them
  • view your events on google calendar
  • Indent, unindent, share, move easily
  • repeat reminder enable, set reminder one-time/daily/weekly/monthly… and so on
  • quick add task by pressing the search key
  • search all task with autocomplete match
  • Widgets(scrolling in LauncherPro/ADWLauncher/GO Launcher)

So GTasks does what it aims to do very well.  It may lack some of the bells and whistles of the top 2 apps in the category but it is still a solid app and one that you should consider trying.  At least that’s my opinion.

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