Helpful Windows Mobile Apps for Business


Windows Mobile may not get all the attention that those “other” guys get but generally those who own a Windows Mobile phone love them and there are quite a few Windows Mobile Apps for business users.   So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Credit Card Machinewindows mobile apps credit card machine

What It Does
Let’s you accept credit cards on your Windows Mobile phone.  Also provides other tools for your business.  Currently being used by more than 40,000 businesses.


  • SURE – Automatically posts customers referrals on social media sites such as Facebook
  • Databases for inventory of products and services
  • Customer databases for notes, email addresses and contact information
  • In-app shopping cart for speedy and efficient mobile device checkout
  • FREE web-store – sell online 24/7
  • Create invoices and estimates in the field – coming soon

Calendar [+]

What It Does
Calendar app that can be searched and filtered.  Features a great UI.   Grouping feature allows you to  view related meaningful information together based on your filters.


  • Tap in month view to see appointments details below
  • Filter based Groups and Quick search with auto complete
  • Pin tiles for daily, weekly or month view and appointments to start screen
  • Tap+Hold Reply/ReplyAll or forward an appointment from any screen.
  • Ease of use

Calendar [+] on Windows Marketplace


My Stocks Portfoliowindows mobile apps

What It Does
Monitor the performance of your investments.   Shows real time quotes for most markets and trade time is shown for each quote so you know how up to date the information is.


  • Real-time quotes for most markets
  • Syncs across many financial data sources to provide comprehensive and reliable coverage
  • Trade times shown for each quote so you know exactly how recent the data is
  • Live tiles give you an at-a-glance summary of your watchlist, holdings, and individually pinned stocks without having to enter the app
  • Data import/export using CSV format
  • Multi-currency portfolio support
  • Both app and live tiles are user-theme aware.

My Stocks Portfolio on Windows Marketplace


So there you have a few Windows Mobile Apps to take a look at.  The Windows Mobile platform continues to grow and so will the selection of apps.  But even with the current limited selection, you can find great apps that you will find invaluable.



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