Top Shopping Apps for Business Travelers


Business travelers don’t usually have a whole lot of time to run around and shop when they’re on the road. They’re usually embroiled in meetings or interviews throughout their time away and therefore don’t have the time to pick up souvenirs for their loved ones or even to pick up a new suit, if need be. However, with a variety of online coupons designed to help them, business travelers may find their shopping experiences become far easier. Business travelers, like millions of other mobile device users, are taking advantage of the various shopping apps at their disposal in order to get their shopping errands done.

The Top Shopping Apps for Business Travelers are:

1. EBay Mobile: EBay Mobile snagged the top spot for shopping apps altogether, with 13 million users accessing the app in June 2012 alone. With your ability to bid on a variety of goods ranging from electronics to clothing, EBay continues to be a popular site to visit for the casual shopper as well as the seasoned buyer. It’s possible to bid and outbid other buyers on all items, and you can also arrange for the shipping of the item you purchased via your smartphone. If you don’t want to worry about bidding, may of your favorite stores have store fronts on eBay also. Its convenience is hard to beat.

2. Groupon: This is likely one of the most exciting shopping apps for shoppers today. Users get notified right away of daily deals across a variety of consumer interests, ranging from electronics to travel. Once they receive the notification, they can go to the Groupon site, via the app on their mobile device, and take advantage of the deal. Buyers can also take advantage of the ability to arrange for shipping right away, too.

3. Red Laser: Occipital’s shopping app goes a long way towards making comparison shopping that much easier. The shopper just has to hold his or her hand steady and allow the mobile device to “scan” the bar code. Instantly, they can compare prices between the item they want to buy and other places selling the item; people won’t wonder any more if the price is just inflated because of it being in an overseas shop.

4. XPense Tracker: This handy app by Silverware Software allows users to track their expenses as well as categorize them. This makes things easier, of course, when it comes to filing expense claims on your return from your business trip. All the information you store in the app can be exported to an Excel file. In fact, XPense Tracker also has a handy Photo Receipt feature, where users can also take a picture of their receipts and store them for later reference.

5. Point Inside Shopping & Travel: With millions of stores in this app, travelers can take advantage of having a great deal of information at their disposal about any shopping experience. From store hours to best buys and in-store deals, the shopper in a hurry can make their shopping experience more effective and efficient.

In short, business travelers are likely the ones most likely in need of keeping their shopping time to a minimum during their time away. They don’t have the time to wander randomly through stores while they’re away; why not make use of technology while they’re gone to get the things done that they need?


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