Home Upgrades that Could Be Hurting the Value of Your Property


If you have a property then you will know how important it is for you to try and keep the value high. After all, if you don’t then you may find that you lose out on money and you may even find that you struggle to turn the whole thing around as well. The problem is that some upgrades will cost you money but they won’t add anything to your house. If you want to avoid all of this then you can take a look below to find out more.

Lavish Lighting

You may think that you are increasing the value of your home if you have lavish lighting but this is never the case. It doesn’t matter whether you have some luxury lighting in your dining room or even in your living room because it probably won’t fit in with the theme of your home and when the time does come for you to sell, you may feel as though it’s outdated.

If you opt for simple structures then this will never be the case and you may even feel as though they are timeless as well. You can save money by doing this and you can also add value to your home, so do keep that in mind.

Too Much Wallpaper

Wallpaper usually comes with patterns or even textures. The main thing that you have to remember here is that it can soon become overwhelming. On top of this, it is very difficult to remove. If you have water damage then your walls could be soaking up moisture without you even knowing about it as well and this is the last thing that you need.

If this is happening to you then consider hiring a waterproofing company. When you have done this, don’t go over your walls in wallpaper, instead opt for paint instead. This is very easy for you to go over in another color at a later date and it also makes it easier for any new home buyer to customize the house to their liking.


Textures can also reduce the value of your home by a significant amount. Textures are again, very hard to remove and this may even cause a buyer to decrease their offer. If you want to avoid this then paint your ceilings instead of having them papered and also make sure that you remove any textures that you have. If you have a really long carpet then consider swapping this out for one that is shorter.

This will make it much more appealing to your buyers and it is actually way cheaper. A lot of people think that longer carpets are luxurious and this may be the case, but they are much harder to maintain and they are also much more difficult for you to keep clean as well. Buyers know this, so they may be inclined to put in a lower offer if they are going to have to rip out the carpet and redo all of the walls so keep that in mind.


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