How Can You Know Whether Your Employer Owes You Money?


Whatever it is that you might do for a living, there are certain entitlements you will always have. Knowing your entitlements as well as possible is always going to be a huge help, as it puts you in a better position from which you can claim what is rightfully yours. One of the biggest things that can be owed to you by your employer is money. In the most basic sense, you are of course owed money just by working. But there are other situations when you might be entitled to receive money from your employer too. Knowing these situations will put you in a more knowledgeable position, and you will be less likely to miss out.

Working Overtime

Many employers will require you to work overtime from time to time. In some instances, it will be written into your contract that they can ask you to work overtime whenever they like. This is often true in busy, hands-on jobs such as those in the retail sector. Other companies will only ask you to work extra hours as a last resort. But however it happens, and however often, it always means that you will be entitled to more money than usual.

In some cases, you will be owed as for a higher rate of pay, while working a shift at night or on a public holiday can also bring in a little more in the paycheck. Your employer has a duty to ensure they are paying you right – and you should also take matters into your own hands and make sure the paycheck is correct. You should be paid for every hour you work.



There can be numerous circumstances when you are likely to be entitled to some compensation, and you should try your best to discover what those circumstances might be. It could be a case of having experienced an injury in the workplace, for example – one of the most common reasons you can be owed compensation. If this has happened to you, you should go out of your way to ensure you are fighting for worker’s comp.

You are likely to be owed something, and you will only get it by actually reaching for it. You can also be owed compensation by an employer for breaches in health and safety, so it’s sensible to pay attention to the behaviors of the employers in the workplace. Likewise for any kind of inappropriate behavior.


Many jobs require the employee to spend money while carrying out the task of the role at hand. When this happens, you are entitled to claim back on any money that you needed to spend, and this is worth remembering if you are serious about keeping a handle on your own finances.

When you think you can claim on expenses of any kind, you should bear in mind that many employers will take a long time to repay it. Technically there is not often a quick legal turnaround for paying expenses, so you should get the ball rolling on claiming it as soon as you can.


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