How Is Family Life Informed By Your Interior Design?


Interior design is a wonderful thing to take part in. It can allow you to reinvent your home, and potentially add new utility towards a space. If you’re hoping to improve your home thanks to your growing family unit, you might consider making certain choices you had not yet envisioned. Families require a different approach than a married couple, and so as you reassess how your home space can be used, you’ll likely find many new options of creative design potential reveal themselves to you.

Your family life is informed by your interior design to a degree that’s hard to overstate. When using a renovations firm such as The Renovation Company, it’s important to keep this in mind so you make the decisions that make the most sense. We’re here to explore how interior design informs family life, and what you can do to make the most of it.


A family must communicate with one another if they’re to be considered a close familial unit. This means you must decorate your home with furnishing that allow this to take place. Open plan living and dining rooms allow for constant communication and living with each other in a select space, rather than having everyone divided up into small rooms.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home also, meaning that making sure there are good seating arrangements is important when it comes to stimulating conversation as you cook. Living rooms should be organized so people ideally face each other as they watch television.

Having two sofas side by side might be necessary to the layout of your room, but this can prevent certain people from seeing and as a result communicating with one another. In this example, a ‘U’ shape is always preferable.


A home is much more than the place a family lives in together. It’s part of the family story, something which will frame all memories that take place over the years. It’s important to treat this with the significance it deserves, otherwise you’ll never truly develop your interior to the degree it can be. Consider making certain rooms altars to your family narrative. This might mean hosting a trophy case in one corner to show your sporty child how proud of them you are, and how their achievements deserve to be celebrated.

It could mean crafting a ‘photo wall,’ dedicated to the professional framing of pictures depicting milestones in the lives of everyone involved. This helps keep everyone on the same page, and makes everyone feel respected, connected and significant in your family’s collective story.


The tastes of all your family members should be taken into account when you’re trying to develop a cohesive theme for your home. For example, allowing your children to have pirate or fairy themed bedrooms can help the magic of those rooms stand out, but it shouldn’t simply stay there. For example, if your son has a pirate themed bedroom, then perhaps some of the template painted wave aesthetics could ‘spill out’ onto the walls of the corridor, only to become darker and connected to the painted dreamscape of your daughter’s room. Creativity allows for everyone to have a fun living experience. Remember, your home is more akin to a canvas than an office. Decorate it however it makes you happy.

With these tips, your home is sure to be a wonderful place to inhabit for the whole family.


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