How To Avoid Legal ‘Little Guy’ Syndrome


It’s very easy to fall into ‘little guy’ syndrome when disputing processes, or trying to overcome issues that you have experienced. No, in this context, ‘little guy’ syndrome has nothing to do with height. It’s simply the feeling we get when we might be disputing someone, a corporation, or perhaps a set of policies. This might be important for us to seek personal and financial justice.

During these circumstances, it’s easy to feel as though you’re fighting the sun. You might believe you have relatively little power, so the point you know want to prove might not look as attractive as it once did. Perhaps you’re simply tired of the sentiments you usually wish to avoid, such as having to go back and forth endlessly before you actually come to some kind of result. Perhaps you might feel that fighting a legal department is often an exercise in stupidity.

But the truth is, if you have a solid case, you deserve to have it heard. Let us consider how you can potentially do that, and avoid the proverbial ‘little guy’ set of worries as a result.

You Don’t Need A Precedent

It can sometimes feel as though you’re charting new ground when disputing an issue. Most of the time this won’t be the case, but in case it is, it’s important to know this. If you’re within your rights, and you have consulted with the best legal counsel, you will build a case.

Bringing all the evidence you have, your complaint and a collected sum of insight to the potential case can help you calibrate your expectations. It might be that there’s not enough there for a defense or legal complaint. But there’s a chance you could have enough. It’s important to know, and to not let things such as no previous precedent come as nullifying obstacle.

Don’t Let Them Push You

It’s interesting to see how a company’s reaction to a strong legal case you might have can be presented. They likely know you’re not an expert in law, so will likely contact you ahead of time to tell you how to settle, how to relax and to diffuse the situation. Remember, rarely do companies come ahead and offer you an attractive package of some kind simply out of the goodness of their hearts. It could be they are trying their best to avoid you pursuing this issue.

A good sign is some kind of benefit in exchange for signing some kind of document. Don’t let them push you into this, unless you are absolutely sure it’s preferential. Sometimes going ahead with your original complaint can help you prevent the same issue from happening to anyone else.

Lawyer Up

Just because you’re not too familiar with the law doesn’t mean you can’t find expert counsel. Institutions such as the Hadley Law Firm have a proven track record of not only taking your case and combing through it effectively, but of digging into the context of the complaint, to try and give you the most cohesive legal defense or complaint possible.

With these tips, you’re certain to avoid the legal ‘little guy’ syndrome.


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