How to Make Your Passion Your Job


If you’re doing what you love as your career, then you’ll never work a day in your life. Your working life will be more like simply having fun! And who doesn’t want that? Of course, everyone does. The reason why most people don’t have this type of career is that, well, it’s difficult to do. What usually happens is that people have to bend themselves to the will of the job market, rather than the other way round. However, though it’s not exactly straightforward, it’s far from impossible. In this blog, we’re going to look at a few tried and tested tips for doing what you love and getting paid.

Do It For Free

When we say for free, we don’t mean work for a company without getting paid. That’s giving away your craft for nothing in exchange, and has a negative impact on the job market. By ‘for free,’ we mean that you should be engaging in your passion in your own time, even if you’re not getting paid. Listen to virtually every successful artist (or anyone successful), and you’ll find that they were just toiling away in their bedroom for hours at a time. The money can later, and was almost incidental. If you’re not willing to do it for nothing, then it’s not a passion.

Find a Mentor

There are some fields that are notoriously difficult to crack into. You can do it, but it’ll be difficult! There’s just so much you need to know before anyone will pay you for your work, and that can take time. There is a faster route you can take, however; you can get a mentor. This is someone who has been there, done that — usually someone older. They’ll have the experience and expertise you need to guide you through your career. Most people are happy to be a mentor if they’re asked, so ask away once you’ve identified someone who might be appropriate for the role.

Start Your Own Business

There is another option when it comes to building a career doing something you love: go your own way. You don’t always need permission to make a living doing what you love; you just have to do it yourself! Take a look at Franchise Direct, and you’ll see that there are franchises available in a wide range of industries. If your passion is, say, physical fitness, then you could look at a gym franchise. If your passion is food, then a restaurant franchise. You get the idea. This is especially recommended for people with an entrepreneurial mindset, since it combines the best of both worlds.

Start on the Ground Floor

Finally, you could go for the tried and tested technique: getting in on the ground floor — job position wise — at a company that works in a field related to your passion. Even if the job you take isn’t really what you want to do, you never know where it’ll lead later on down the lane. Indeed, many successful took this approach! 

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