How To Protect Your Unused Business Office


We need not start this post by waxing lyrical about the lockdown, remote working, and how office life has changed, or paused in the heat of this pandemic. You likely know all there is to know about that at this point, and relaying the frustrating facts time and time again is not fruitful – even if we understand that lockdowns and remote work are more than necessary.

That said, what we can consider are methods that may help us through this troubled time with just a little more care and attention. If you can focus on what this means for your business in particular, you’re more likely to survive and even thrive despite the challenges.

Of course, it’s important to consider what that means. For instance, many small businesses have had to vacate their offices and work from home in the midst of lockdown, as if you can organise all your work using digital systems, now is the time to do so. But how can you better protect your unused office when it’s sitting there for weeks, gathering dust?

Let’s consider:

Fire Safety

Fire safety is obviously essential in any building, but when it comes to an unused office, it’s best to be sure. This might involve making sure all of your power outlets are nullified, that your switchboard is off, that you make sure your equipment is carefully preserved and that your standard fire protection protocols are properly in place (such as fire doors being properly closed). If you can do that, then you’re much more likely to ensure a consistent and confident approach – and that your business won’t be subject to unjust and unexpected danger.

Proper Security

You need to protect against more than fire, of course. You might need to ensure that your building is further secured, as many thieves understand that offices are empty right now. This might involve reinvesting in thick shutters, applying new locks to the windows, or simply moving some of your most valuable items (like thousands of pounds or dollars worth of IT equipment) into professional storage. Of course, safety and security costs money, but it’s very important to do this if you hope to stay protected and avoid making outrageous insurance claims.

Worthwhile Insurance

Of course, insurance is important. Insuring against fire, damage, theft, electrical issues, flooding and more can be essential. It’s also worth investing in a public insurance adjuster, a professional that helps you ensure everything is airtight, that you’re not paying over and above for your service, and that you’re able to claim in the most accurate manner should something go wrong. We would also recommend investing in the most comprehensive package or taking out multiple policies from the same provider, remaining acutely aware of what insurance, such as general liabilities insurance, that you could be missing out on. In that case, you can be protected against most hazards.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily protect your unused business office – at least for the time being.

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