How to Retain Small Business Employees


One of the most overlooked challenges that come with running a small business is the challenge of keeping your employees. 

The best employees are almost always ambitious, which means that they are always looking for the next challenge, and if your small business doesn’t grow rapidly, this could make them think about jumping ship, which would cost you time, money, and their experience! The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to increase your chances of retaining your employees for longer…

Recruit the right people

The best way to retain small business employees is to recruit the right people in the first place. Finding employees who prefer the small business experience, and who would love to get in on the ground floor and help to be a part of your business’ growth long-term will make it less likely they’ll leave you, as will ensuring that you write very specific job titles so they know exactly what they are signing up for.

Foster a pleasant working environment

No one is going to stay at a job longer than they have to if the atmosphere is one of fear and negativity, which is why you should make an effort to ensure that your employees are listened to, challenged, and rewarded whether that’s with supermarket digital vouchers, staff bonuses, free gym memberships or, well you get the idea. Not only that, but you should also focus on building strong, friendly teams who are well-bonded, and crack down on negative or destructive behavior – the nicer the place is to work, the more people who will stick with you. 

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Offer opportunities for growth

Employees don’t want to stagnate; they want to feel like their careers are going somewhere. You can help them with this by ensuring that they always have opportunities to learn and grow by sponsoring them to get higher qualifications, and also by ensuring that there is scope for them to be promoted within your organization. If it feels like a dead-end job with no prospects to advance, you will lose them – don’t let this happen!

Listen to them

If you are always available to your employees and they know that you will always listen to their concerns and ideas, they are more likely to come to you with any problems they are having or any ideas they have to make working for you better, and less likely to simply look for another job when they’re unhappy. Not only that, but your employees are often even better that you at identifying areas where your business could be improved, so listening to them would be beneficial in that regard too.

Give them more freedom

Whether it’s letting them work from home to avoid the long commute or allowing them to set your own schedule, the more freedom you can give employees, the happier they are likely to be working for you.

Treat your employees well, listen to them, and make working for you the better option and you will be able to retain them much more readily than may otherwise be the case.

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