How to Start Up Your Office On a Budget


Whether you are starting a call center, a marketing agency, or a consultancy business, employing people, setting up your office will cost you. Startups can be expensive, but you cannot establish yourself in the marketplace without having the right infrastructure. Below you will find a few tips on how to save money on establishing your office.

Employee Costs

In the beginning, you will not have to go overboard when it comes to employing people. When you choose your first employees for the business, you will have to select applicants who are good at multitasking. Unless you land in a huge contract in the first few months, you will not need an office full of people. You can get them to help out in various areas of your business and later, when they become more experienced, promote them to management positions.


While it might be a great idea to have company cars for tax reasons, only a few startups can afford this luxury. Unless you want to increase your regular expenses, you might want to carry on using your own car and pay your employees for using theirs for business purposes or travel instead of splashing out on brand new cars for the business.

Shop Around for Business Premises

The greatest expense of your startup will be your premises. No matter if you buy your office space or lease it, you will have to pay a deposit initially. You want to make sure that you get the best value for your money and he security your office deserves. Negotiate the prices of rent, services, and parking, and add up the costs to be able to calculate your monthly property related expenses and create a detailed business budget for the first year.

Office Equipment

While you might want everything to be brand new and modern, you might not have the budget to buy dozens of computers and monitors. The good news is that you can find telecom online auctions and cut the cost of establishing your office infrastructure by half. From computer networks to phones, machinery and equipment, you can get hold of anything your new office needs on a budget.

Training and Insurance

Once you have the business established, it is important that you train your employees and get the necessary insurance cover. Professional qualifications are necessary in various business areas, such as financial services, and you will have to make sure that your staff’s knowledge is regularly updated. There are several companies offering online training for small businesses at a low cost, so you don’t have to send everyone to a course and cover their travel expenses.

If you have just decided to start your own business and need an office space, you will have to control the cost of establishing your venture and your infrastructure. Try to compromise and don’t stretch your startup budget too far, or you might end up struggling with getting your finances in order later on. Cut your infrastructure, delivery, service, employee, and property costs by following these tips.


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