How To Update An Old Fashioned Business


If you’ve taken over an older business, or have been running a business for a while, you might have an old-fashioned business on your hands that needs a kick into the modern era. If your business is in desperate need of an update, here’s how you can do it. 

Sort Out The Right Tools

You can’t get modern if you’re not geared up with the technology. Start with your infrastructure. Get a solid WiFi connection in place, so you and your staff aren’t held back by slow speeds. What IT equipment are you using? Swap out older machines for new ones. Allow staff more freedom to choose where to work by switching desktop computers for laptops. 

An IT company, like, can help you to upgrade your IT throughout the company, no matter how old the system you’re working with is. 

Hire Younger People

Fresh eyes can help a company that needs shaking up. When hiring new staff, try to bring in some young blood. By having younger employees, you’ll automatically get some fresher, more youthful ideas. Younger staff are also more likely to be familiar with more modern business tools, like social media. Shake up your team with new ideas. 

Try New Ways To Communicate With Customers

Open up new ways to communicate with your customers. There are a lot of ways to communicate with your customers now, and to allow them to communicate with you. Between blogs, social media platforms and apps, you can be more accessible to your customers and reach them where they’re already spending time online. Make sure your social media team are well-trained in customer service and are trusted, knowledgeable professionals. 

Refresh Your Product Range

If your stock has been the same since you opened for business, think changing up your offering. While it wouldn’t be wise to make too drastic a change, a refresh of your product range can breathe some life back into the company. Some new or updated versions of popular products can attract new customers and show that your business is still the best at what you do.  

Keep Training Your Staff

As business changes, so do the best ways of conducting business change. No matter how skilled your staff are, it’s important to help them to continue to stay up to date with on-going training. Whether you’ve brought in a new piece of technology or just want to refresh their marketing skills, offering regular training helps staff to stay engaged and at the top of their game. 

Update Your Image

While you want to stay recognizable, a fresh new look could help to modernize your business. If your company has had the same logo since 1986, consider a change to something that looks more on trend. Shake up your advertising slogans, and check out your website to make sure it doesn’t look outdated. 

Your website needs to look slick. Go through it carefully, and make sure everything still functions as it should.

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