I’m Officially Old

I turn 40 this year and I actually don’t have a problem with that.  But for Christmas this year my wife bought me a 5 in 1 weather station.   This isn’t some cheesy indoor/outdoor temp glorified clock.  This bad boy gives your rainfall and wind speed/direction as well as out side temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, heat index, dew point, wind chill, rainfall history, and indoor temperature/humidity.

I was super pumped when I opened this up.  And that is where the problem comes in.  I don’t get excited about the weather…that’s something my dad did.  That’s something the old guys down at the hardware store get excited about.  It’s not something a young and hip 39 year old father of 3 gets worked up about.  Well, I guess it turns out it IS something I like.

I even build a custom post to mount the outside unit on.  This thing is fancy fancy.   I spent a couple of hours building this post and installing it perfectly in the backyard.  All so that I could sit in my chair and see the wind speed and outside humidity and everything else that an armchair meteorologist needs to know.  Yeah, I said meteorologist…not weatherman.  Weatherman is demeaning…I see myself as more professional than that.  Wow, I have a serious problem.

Anyway, so now I sit here and I’m checking out the weather data and anytime someone goes outside I give them a quick update to let them know what to expect.  My wife thinks I’m a little bit out of my mind..but that’s ok.  My father in law is old school and he says he has a weather rope.  He hangs it outside and if the rope is wet…it’s raining.  If the rope is moving…it’s windy.  If the rope is gone…it’s a tornado.  It’s hard to argue with the logic there.

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