Incorporating Newer Technology Into Your Camping Trips


For many people, camping is a fantastic way to attune to nature and experience nature up-close. Camping purists will probably only take a tent with them and some bare essentials. It’s a great way for them to disconnect from their busy life in the city. It gives them an opportunity to relax either by themselves or with their family, and it’s actually surprisingly calming.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore all of the newest camping gadgets and technologies. Camping is whatever you make of it. Some people prefer to incorporate their devices into a camping trip to make it more comfortable and entertaining. We don’t disagree with this, so in this post, we’ll be looking at a few examples of how to make your camping trips a little more interesting with new technologies.

Make your vehicle a part of the camping experience

Just because you’re going camping it doesn’t mean you should completely ditch your vehicle. In fact, many people go out with their vans or minivans nowadays. It’s a lot more comfortable, it offers more security and also doubles as storage space. Some people might also find it easier to sleep in their vehicle than a tent, especially when the floor is damp or when it rains. When a normal tent just won’t do, you want the van tent for camping in your van or minivan. This is a great alternative to regular camping in a tent and can be more comfortable for first-timers as well. There’s nothing wrong with deviating from what most people consider to be “proper” camping as long as you’re more comfortable and are enjoying yourself.

Don’t be afraid to bring your electronics

People tend to scoff at the idea of bringing electronics to a camping trip. They’re adamant about the idea that camping should be free from electronic distractions such as laptops and computers. However, we can’t overlook the fact that it provides functionality, entertainment and even safety. They can even be used for homeschooling on the road if you plan to bring your kids along. So we recommend that you bring along electronics such as a smartphone, tablet or even a laptop. Just make sure you have a way to charge it. This can mean getting a small generator to bring with you, or even plugging it into a charger in your car. This will ensure it has plenty of juice throughout your camping trip.

Solar power can be helpful at times

A solar panel is ideal for keeping your electronics topped up throughout your break. It can power some devices such as lights or even showers. It’s always nice to wake up and have a nice warm shower before you start the day, and solar power is a fairly affordable way to achieve this. You can even find small solar panels that are ideal for powering and charging your phone or other smaller devices such as batteries. If you have large solar panels on your van, then you can even power things such as a TV or cooking range for fun and convenience.

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