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I found this infographic regarding various CEOs and their use of Twitter. ¬†Not really a big surprise that Zuckerberg isn’t huge on Twitter…kind of like saying that Ford’s CEO isn’t driving a Camaro. ¬†Anyway, check it out.

A number of CEOs have used their Twitter accounts to directly reach vast audiences of fans. These inspirational business leaders demonstrate the correct use of social media. Surprisingly, major figures like Warren Buffett and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have failed to make big impacts in social media. Entertainment giant Oprah Winfrey has impressed with 15 million Twitter subscribers. As she expands her brand through social networking, Winfrey leads her Harpo Productions company into new realms of profitability.

Rupert Murdoch easily earns his place as the second most successful CEO on Twitter. With over 300,000 Twitter followers, Murdoch has proven his relevance to modern Internet users. Former presidential candidate and business leader Steve Forbes has also earned his place as a widely followed Twitter celebrity. Jonah Peretti rounds out this list of dynamic CEOs. Considered together, these CEOs prove that social media consciousness leads to greater relevance. Twitter and other social sites provide outstanding tools for dynamic modern business leaders.

Source: Top Management Degrees

twitter use by ceos


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