Infographic: The Small Business Landscape


Are you a small business owner?  If so, then you know the challenges faced by small business owners in today’s environment.   Generally, especially in the beginning, small business owners face a shortage of time and money.

Small business owners need solid financial advice.  How many times have small businesses failed not because of a lack of customers but instead poor financial planning and management.

The infographic below shows some interesting facts and figures relating to small business financial resources and needs.

….When it comes to money, small business owners have some struggles, but they also have tools to help them figure out the finances. It’s difficult to manage cash flow where your clients aren’t paying their invoices promptly. On the other hand, keeping tabs on the bank account is much easier with online banking—a tool that more than 70 percent of small business owners use.

Entrepreneurs have lots of options when it comes to financial advice. While most seek the advice of an accountant or financial advisor, many network with other small business owners for help. The Internet provides a fast way to get a lot of information, too—42 percent of small business owners get online for financial advice.Small businesses are looking forward to hiring—31 percent stated they’d be interviewing candidates during the next 12 months. Finding good people is a challenge, though. The number one concern of small business owners is finding employees who have the skills they need to do the job…..Training new people is not cheap. Costs average over $1,000 and it takes at least 40 hours to properly train an employee. And not all those employees are stellar. Some report stealing, cheating, and using or selling drugs.

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