Infographic: Ultimate Guide To The Moustache


Today I’m tackling an important issue.  One that has the potential to change the world…..The Moustache.  Yes, you heard me right.  I feel that world would be a better place if everyone had a moustache.  Personally, my favorite moustache was always Magnum P.I.  How could you not love that stache.  Think about it, how else could a grown man run around in shorty shorts and still attract so many gorgeous ladies.  It had to be the moustache.

Now, I have a picture of myself in high school and I had grown a very small stache that I would like to think was distinguished.  I think others would call it other words.  But now that I am a grown man and have a full beard…I still sometimes wish I could grow a Magnum P.I. stache….and then I can start wearing those shorty shorts, drive someone else’s Ferrari, and live in Hawaii on the estate of a reclusive millionaire.

So here I have come across an infographic with a lot of useful information on the moustache.  The infographic was created by the folks over at Juvenci, a Men’s Style Journal.  Click Here to read their original post with the infographic.

the moustache


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