Infographic: Ways CRM Can Increase Sales


[important]Most small businesses would benefit from the addition of a CRM application.  If you business relies on sales then a good application could help you organize your customers, potential customers, and sales leads.  Here at Small Biz Dad, we certainly recognize the importance of cultivating and maintaining the relationships with your customers.

The folks over at Salesforce have produced the infographic below which shows 7 ways a CRM can increase your company’s sales.  Some pretty cool info.  Be sure to check out CRM app reviews while you’re at it.[/important]

A CRM application is an invaluable tool that will simplify the management of your small business. Implementing the right CRM can increase sales efficiency – you can close more deals, increase sales, and improve forecast accuracy. We’re not talking just a couple percentage points here and there. If used correctly, a CRM can improve productivity by 30%.

With a CRM, there’s no secret formula. It simply manages most of your critical customer information so that you can look at it all in one place. Without leaving the application, you can view contact information, follow up via email or social media, manage tasks, and track your performance, among other benefits.

To maximize your CRM, pair it with your accounting software. In addition to all the customer information readily available through CRM, you can now gain insight into past trends, create invoices, track expenses, route purchase orders, and automatically pay bills using an accounting-CRM relationship. That way you can get an even clearer picture of your current business and forecast accurately.

Learn more about the benefits of CRM and how CRM teams with accounting software with the following graphic:

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