Instagram’s Benefits for Businesses


The evolution in technology has created countless new possibilities to progress businesses. A business not willing to adapt to technology will always be left behind. Instagram is one such development that has the potential of pushing businesses to the top. This article will explain the benefits of Instagram for businesses looking to flourish and become successful.

Born as an app for the revolutionary iPhone, Instagram has started to make a name for its own. The app’s popularity increased in such a flurry that the Android became a willing partner. In a space of three years, Instagram has risen to unexpected heights and has become a phenomenon that businesses will quickly begin to grasp. The photo-sharing app on its own might not be beneficial for business owners, but the list of members certainly is. Home to 30 million users as of April 2012, Instagram has become an outstanding target market for businesses to take advantage of. Marketing is always about connecting with one’s customers and this provides the prime gateway. 30 million users can be reached through a touch of a smart phone. It is simply unavoidable for any business looking to grow their brand and push towards success. All marketing concepts begin and end with the customer being aware of your product. Instagram provides this capability for businesses to use.

Pictures have always been a revered concept when it comes to phones and now ‘smart phones’. Everyone wishes to have a quick camera available at the touch of their finger. Due to this, the growth of Instagram has been amazing and profitable for the developers. Taking photos is regarded as the third most important facility available within a phone. Wish to know how active Instagram’s user base is? Well, approximately one billion photos have been taken through Instagram with 58 being uploaded per second. This growth rate is unparalleled to any other photo-sharing app and makes it an exceptional tool for marketing.

The interconnected nature of all social networking apps has made Instagram even more popular. Through a few touches and swipes, Instagram photos can readily be made available on devices such as Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter. All social networking sites that have their own list of members can be targeted.

Instagram’s worth as an app as established through Facebook’s purchase of their rights. What was the worth of this app at that time? One billion dollars. Through a simple functionality, this app has garnered so much attention. Pictures can be taken directly through the app itself; if not the camera function on the phone is a valid option too.

The app’s function is quite clear; it is reliant upon relating to the user and putting a name behind each picture. Each account has a username, which is made visible every time a photo is uploaded by that particular individual. The profile establishes who the user is, their age, what photos they liked, comments they may have made, etc. The possibilities of interaction are endless and rely upon users simply being interested in the photos. This is what makes Instagram such an interesting tool for businesses to utilize. All it takes is a few interested users to trigger a successful marketing campaign.

Connecting with the customer at a more personal level is paramount for a business. It makes the business appear more socially aware and ready to incorporate new advances in technology. Not to mention, any business will want to be where their target market is.

How can a business go about advertising their business? Well, it is a simple concept of being involved with the process. Learn to put in the correct ‘hash tags’ that will promote the business in a positive and interesting manner. Focus on helping build your brand as a whole and not just spamming other people’s accounts. The goal is to peak their interest, not to drive them away.

An excellent example of a successful marketing ploy on Instagram was seen through Ben & Jerry or Sharpie. These two brands made sure to Instagram their personal social events (road shows) and encouraged fans to participate. The goal was to ensure customers were aware of the events and pushed them towards contributing themselves. If the customer was involved, they would feel attached to the entire process.

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