Investing On The Side Has Never Made More Sense


Whenever there is an economic downturn there is always an opportunity when coming out of it. The downward slope could be long or short, but the bottom line is, it will eventually reverse. What goes up must come down and in economies, what goes down must also go back up. So, a word to the wise, get in while you can. There are quite a number of attractive avenues you should try to head down if you want to make a little extra on the side. Investing in short-term and long-term opportunities is usually done in separate strategies. However, with the current situation regarding Covid-19, all tracks seem to be inherently aligned. The lockdown has sort of created a reset. So there are multiple investment strategies that can be initiated right now.

Going long on gold

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the populace doesn’t understand the value of holding gold, let alone precious metals in general. The issue currently, is that the world is full of debt. Now that every nation’s central bank has let loose a tremendous amount of stimulus, the national debt is going to inevitably rise. This, in turn, will cause a drop in the value of currencies and when this occurs, gold becomes a safe haven. Just take a look at its trajectory. Gold was worth about $1,300 per ounce at Christmas time. Now, it’s worth around $1,700. This is almost a 50% rise in value in just the first 3-4 months of this year. 2020 is set to become a breakout year for this precious metal. Experts such as Peter Schiff, Grant Williams and Kyle Bass have talked about the rise of gold for years. And now, it seems like it’s finally happening. The current prediction is that gold will push past the $2,000 per ounce marker by the end of this year. So start buying while you can.

Shaky but very lucrative

Corporations have been on shaky ground ever since lockdown was put into place. As you would expect many stock prices have gone down remarkably. It’s uncommon to be in this kind of situation where investors have the pick of the lot. If you have ever wanted to get involved in stock investing, these are some of the best stock market websites. Investopedia has a wealth of knowledge in the form of very detailed articles. They explain what industry keywords, phrases, and terms mean as well as write very interesting thought-channel articles discussing the challenges in the corporate world. Marketwatch is pretty much the same but they have world exclusive interviews with the heads of many corporations around the world. Corporate stimulus packages have been set in place and are now being delivered. If you’ve been following what’s been going on, you’ll know that stock prices are suddenly taking an up-tick. Now is the time to get involved before stock prices return to their normal prices.

The unfortunate opportunities

Sadly many people will lose their homes during this lockdown. Some landlords and property owners will also need to take drastic action and sell their real estate portfolios in a bid to trim down. This is your opportunity to nab a home, commercial office floor, or private business building. Commercial offices are bought and sold regularly as small businesses go in and out of business and others move their headquarters in and out of major cities. This is a great time to invest in property because there will be vacuums that the market needs to be filled. However, the real estate sector also knows that during lockdown large long-term investments are quite the stretch for many investors. Hence, the prices are abnormally low. It’s now or never.

The slow but sure rise

Index funds have been on the slow and steady since the lockdown. They were seen as the most modern beginner-friendly investment strategy in the world and were only just getting started. Berkshire Hathaway owner and investment titan Warren Buffet claimed index funds to be incredibly popular because they were one of the most stable fund types on the market. This is something that you should be looking to invest in as indices will surely make a u-turn when corporations climb out of lockdown. They’re stable because they act like a see-saw. When one stock goes down another will balance it out with its rise.

Investing in gold has never made more sense than now. Currency values are sure to go down as stimulus is pumped into the markets. Gold is set to break $2,000 per ounce by the end of this year and will rise even further next year. If you don’t want to invest in precious metals, index funds and real estate are you two other obvious options.


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