You Are Invited To Host An Event For Your Social Media Following


Social media brings many benefits for business. It can increase reach, help companies target their audience, and, most importantly, create a sense of community. Faceless businesses without any social media presence find it increasingly trying to make a go of things. People want connection. So, you need to use social media to make them feel like friends. Thus, you’ll build loyalty, and increase sales.

But, as with any friendship, your social media relationships need nurturing to keep them strong. One communication does not a friendship make. Instead, you need to reinforce the strength of your online community continually. To a certain extent, continued interaction will bridge that gap. Every now and again, though, you might want to take it further.

Hosting an event for your social media followers is a fantastic way to strengthen your bonds. As well as reinforcing your community, this ensures followers don’t forget you. Events like these aren’t a new thing. Fan club only occasions have been a business tool for years. And, to ensure you host a follower-only event worth attending, consider these pointers.

Don’t Be Afraid To Splash Out

Spending big bucks on an event is risky in small business. Most entrepreneurs struggle to break even in their first years. Hence, all your money matters. But, don’t be afraid to splash out for your followers. Even if you have to apply for a small business loan, it’s an investment worth making.

You’re sure to see more sales back if you get this right. If you’re working on a limited time scale, you may be worried about getting accepted. Fear not; you can apply for a loan, and view it at and other sites like them. Then, you can sit back and wait for same-day acceptance. So, there’s really nothing to worry about.

Develop A Way To Keep It Exclusive

The most powerful thing about an event like this is exclusivity.  Followers will feel like they’ve been picked from the crowd. But, you’ll lose that impact if you don’t find some way to keep things exclusive. Posting invites publicly might seem the best idea, but anyone could print one and come along.

Instead, develop invites on sites like and include personal identification numbers on each. Then, send them straight to the inbox of followers who are subscribed to your e-mail list. You can urge social media audience to sign up to be in for a chance. That way, you get more emails for your list, and your followers feel special.

Target Your Event To Your Audience’s Needs

Last, but not least, you need to make sure your event suits your audience. You need to show them that they’re more than just a source of profit to you. Otherwise, the illusion of community will be gone. To be sure, turn to your social media analytics, and use them to show you what your audience wants. If you’re unsure how, sites like will unlock the mystery. Then, you can get started with your plans!



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