Is An iPad Pro On The Horizon?


Ever dream of a big 13″ iPad? You’re not alone. Rumors of an iPad Pro have been going around for quite a while now. Apple hasn’t announced anything officially yet, but there’s a good chance you might actually see such a device in the future. The company is doing really well – with billions of dollars of cash on hand – but they need to maintain that level of profitability, which can be hard.

Why the iPad Pro May Become a Reality

Here’s a look at some specific reasons that you may see the iPad Pro on the horizon in 2014 or 2015.

  • The MacBook – If you look at the MacBook line of products, there’s a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. You can now get an iPad Air, but you can’t get an iPad Pro – yet. Knowing Apple’s history, there’s a good chance they’ll come out with a new version that has the Pro name attached – along with a higher price tag.
  • New OS – Another thing to look at is the fact that a new iPad Pro would probably require a serious update to the operating system to allow for true multitasking. Because they want to keep their main products reasonably priced (even though they’re more expensive than the Kindle Fire and other tablets), they may launch an iPad Pro with an upgrades OS that costs a bit more money.
  • Apple Needs More – While they’re doing quite well as a company, Apple knows that it’s easy to lose market dominance quickly in the Information Age. Because of this, it’s important for them to cater to different demographic targets – and a very expensive iPad Pro with more features could be targeted to quite a few people. They could come up with other entirely new products, but that takes a lot of time and money. Making the iPad a little bit better and slapping a Pro label on it is not that difficult.

What Would the iPad Pro be Like?

The next question on a lot of minds is just what the iPad Pro would look like if it does come out. There’s a good chance that it will be larger – possible 11.5 inches or maybe even a huge 13″ screen. Also, it’s going to need a faster processor, more storage and of course more RAM. All of this will raise the price, but some people will still buy it just to have the “best iPad” on the market.

No one knows for certain whether or not Apple will come out with an iPad Pro, of course, but looking at the points above, it’s easy to see that this is a real possibility. If you have an opinion about whether or not an iPad Pro is coming soon – or ever – leave a comment and give us your unbridled thoughts.

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