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The iPhone 5 is the latest smartphone device developed by Apple Inc. The built-in  apps in the iPhone 5 support faster and better performance than its predecessor. The iPhone 5 has many built-in apps, which are designed to provide its user with a better experience. The following are some good business apps for the iPhone 5.

OmniFocus: This app tracks task management by project, date or person. The interface of this app is innovative and simple, it includes many features that are essential to build and organize your task list.  OminFocus also synchronizes your tasks with other WebDAV servers or Omni’s free server. Some common features associated with this app are:

  • Creates a new task from anywhere
  • User can break task to track it individually
  • Captures pictures and voice notes

Siri:  Siri is intelligent personal software that assists in reminding you of your personal activities. This app allows you to place phone calls, schedule your meetings, send voice messages and so on. It listens to you and you can talk to it just by pressing a button. It responds to you by learning your accent and the characteristics of your voice. Some common features associated with this app are:

  • Uses your calendar, contacts, music library, etc
  • Categorizes you voice
  • Finds businesses near you
  • Get driving directions
  • Integration with other built-in apps

WebEx: With this app you can easily stay connected to online meetings; it helps in joining online conferences right from your smartphone.  The integrated tools on the iPhone 5 can help you to exchange contacts; you can even message your colleague instantly.   Webex helps you  turn your online meeting into virtual video conferences for  better engagement.   Some common features associated with this app are:

  • Multipoint Video
  • Group or Private Chat
  • Camera Selection

Cisco Jabber:  Jabber allows you to make calls over a Wi-Fi network, you can transform your smartphone into an office phone just by connecting it to the telephone infrastructure of your organization.  Jabber provides access to its services wherever there is a strong W-Fi network. Features associated with this app are:

  • Receive or place call on wireless LAN
  • View or listen to voice messages
  • Connect to corporate directories

FileMaker Go: FileMaker Go helps you  manages your project status. It helps in managing everything from invoicing right to payroll at your fingertips. It has an option to capture digital signatures and to edit or view charts. Some common features associated with this app are:

  • Share Information Securely and Instantly
  • Access FileMaker Go information from anywhere
  • Check Inventory Status

Salesforce.com: Salesforce  gives instant access to a direct pipeline in order to improve your business, keep track of critical services and to keep information, especially for your clients and customers, up to date.   Some common features associated with this app are:

  • Monitor Account Activity
  • Fully Customized Objects
  • Respond Immediately to Customer Requests
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