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I’m not sure about you but I have “stuff” everywhere. I have several boxes of items from my childhood that I’ve been carrying around for years.  Every time I move I end up with more boxes of stuff.   Here’s the fun part.  There always comes up a situation where I need something that I KNOW I have…but I have no idea where it is.

So that’s where Boxmeup comes in.  Boxmeup lets you track your stuff by letting you create containers. You add the items to the container and then add the container to a location.  I decided to try Boxmeup out by adding a few of the boxes from my garage and my storage cabinet at work.  The idea is very simple.  I created the locations.  First I stared with “Home Office”, “Garage”, “Work Office”, and “Wife Office”.  Then I created my first container.  The container I stared with is a Rubbermaid container in my garage that has several photo albums and trophies from high school.  But it also has some old tax documents.    Here’s a really cool thing.  When you create a container you can print a QR barcode label for the container.   You place the label on your physical container and then you can use the Android app to scan the container and bring up a list of items.


Boxmeup For Business?

So this is a really cool service if you’re moving and you need to find your baseball cards from 3rd grade but what about business.  Can Boxmeup be used to manage your business inventory or supply inventory?  The short answer is yes.  The long answer is a little more complicated.    Here are some potential uses for business.

  • Simple Inventory Management – This is good only if your inventory doesn’t change often.    Let’s say you sell collectible items online.  There may be items that you keep for months before they move.  Boxmeup would be useful.  You receive an item and you place it into your container.   Lets say years go by and you sell the item.  Where is it?  That’s easy you just search for it on Boxmeup or on the app.  It tells you the container and location.
  • Supply Management – There are some supplies that we don’t have to purchase very often.  At my day job, there are items that we rarely use which means we only order them every 3 or 4 years.   Boxmeup would be very useful for tracking these supplies.  Need one of these supplies?  Just search Boxmeup and see if you have any on hand anywhere.
  • Multi-Site Management – Here you can use Boxmeup to track supplies or inventory for multi-site.  So, lets go back to the comic book dealer.   Maybe he has a partner who also has his own storage.  They could use Boxmeup to track their collection.  Using locations they can determine where a specific item is located and easily get it where it needs to go.

I love Boxmeup and plan on using it around my house and office.  I have several file cabinets and storage boxes that I plan adding to it.  Once I inventory each container it will be very simple to locate items when needed.    Boxmeup may not be designed for business use but it can be used for simple tracking.   Whether you need it for business use or personal use I think it’s worth a try.


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