Make Time For Your Loved Ones In 2018


When a nurse in palliative care asked those on their dying beds what their regrets in life had been, their answers were recorded, and they made the headlines a few years ago. These were not surprising, but to some healthy individuals, they served as a wake-up call on how they should go about living their lives.

Amongst the regrets were not having had the courage to live freely, not having had the courage to express their feelings, and having worked too hard. The latter is perhaps a statement that is all too familiar to the twenty-first-century family man or woman. In our modern society, we work long hours, which can stop us from spending quality time with our loved ones.

If this statement resonates with you well, here are some remedies that could enable you to spend more time with your family.

Outsource Unimportant Office Tasks

How many times has the intercom stopped working in your office and you had no choice but to stop those crucial jobs to get on the phone and have a professional tradesman or woman look into it? Have you run out of paper and had to include this on your to-do list? Unimportant office tasks are still crucial in that they keep your business running. Chances are visitors are likely to be annoyed if you have no doorbell system in place and your employees won’t be able to do their jobs properly if they have no sheets on which to print their work.

If you would like to forget about those crucial but less important tasks and have a good working system in place, there are companies that can help you look for the best deals in office supplies, for example, so that you don’t have to do the research yourself when you are in need of a brand new printer or are looking to replace the existing one. Affordable Copy Machines could help you find the top-rated copier dealers in your area and have them contact you with the best rates, instead of vice versa, so that you can dedicate time to the things that matter.

Create And Stick To A Robust Schedule

It is difficult to act in a way that will ensure you have more time for loved ones if you haven’t first put a strategy in place. This involves penciling in all your important meetings and making sure most of these happen during office hours, freeing a few hours a week from your schedule so that you can go home early and spend evenings with your family, and giving yourself the flexibility to be able to work from home from time to time.

Planning is part of our lives, and if we don’t do it, we will soon be faced with what could be catastrophic consequences. If you have decided that your work is important, but your family is a priority, then make sure you stick to a rigorous schedule that will see you spend more time with your loved ones. Here’s how to put a reliable plan in place.

Delegate Tasks

Everybody knows that you are the boss and there is no denying of that fact. According to research, however, the best leaders are the ones who delegate and can see some of their work being completed by their subordinates. If you are capable of building an open company culture where debate is encouraged, you invest in innovation, you recognise achievement and invite participation, chances are you are ready to delegate. Follow this guide on how to do so without feeling you are letting go of your power within the company.


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