What Makes A Strong Online Presence?


When searching for a company to use, most people do their research online. Having web presence as a business is paramount – but what makes a strong presence? Here are a few things that can make you look like an impressive and reputable company online.

A Well Designed Website

If your website is old or poorly designed, it can cheapen your business’s image. There are many companies nowadays that can offer affordable web design to get your site up to a professional level. Make sure that visitors can easily get all the information they need and use it as a place boast your achievements with testimonials from previous clients and accolades you may have behind you.

Good Search Engine Optimization

When people search for your type of business on Google, can they easily find you? It can be worthwhile investing in an SEO company to boost your website’s rankings. People are often attracted to those websites that appear at the top of search engines as they are often the biggest and most relevant companies.

Active Social Media

If you have a Facebook and Twitter account, make sure that you are being active on these platforms. You should view these as digital noticeboards for promoting events and deals, as well as taking the chance to give tips, do surveys and network with other businesses. If people go on your page and see that you haven’t posted in a few months, they may assume that your business isn’t active either.

Positive Online Reviews

It’s almost impossible to escape review sites nowadays. Many people will use these when making a decision to go with a company. Make sure that your reputation is not tarnished with negative reviews. Contact all your past happy clients and encourage them to write positive reviews on the likes of Google Plus,

Trip Advisor and Trustpilot. You can even get friends and family members to leave reviews. On top of this, make sure you’re responding to any negative feedback with an apology – this is especially important on social media where everyone can see a complaint.

Well Placed Ads

There many ways to invest in online ads. These could be promoted social media posts, Adsense PPC ads, Youtube video ads or even articles on news sites about your company. The key is to ensure that these ads are appearing in the right place. Poor optimization of ads could lead to them being ignored. Spamming all over the internet meanwhile may damage your reputation.

You should try to think creatively when advertising. Cross-promote with companies that are similar to you (for example, you could promote another company on social media in exchange for them promoting you). Make sure that Adsense ads are matching the right keywords and that promoting appropriate posts on Facebook and Twitter.


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