Making Your Product Launch The Most Successful Yet


A successful product launch is key to making sure you make a profit on your new product and continue to build and expand your brand. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your product is so good that it’ll sell out by itself. Your product may be the elixir of life, but people aren’t going to buy it if you don’t take your time to create the ultimate launch. No product really ‘sells itself.’ You need to put the work in to plan and create a successful launch.

Read on if you want to know how you can make your product launch the most successful yet. It takes work, but it’ll be worth it.  

Be Smart And Start Early On

If you want a successful product launch, you need to make sure you start as early as possible. Your outreach activities should begin 6-8 weeks before your launch ideally, or even earlier if you see fit. You don’t want people to get bored waiting for you launch, but you do want them to have to wait long enough to build up plenty of suspense and get the ball rolling for your product. Leave plenty of time before the launch and you’ll be off to a great start!

Make The Product Available To Influencers

Make a note of who the biggest influencers are in your area or niche and make contact with them. Making the product available to influencers can further build up excitement around your product. For example; a company that’s great at doing this is Gymshark. They make sure there’s a huge hype around any releases beforehand by sending the products out to their fitness influencers, knowing that the influencers will make videos and take pictures in the products. This nearly always leads to a huge buzz and products selling out within minutes!

This can be done with any product and in any industry, just make sure you’re clear about how much information should be released regarding the product. You don’t have to give away the release date right away if you’re unsure; the initial stages are simply all about building a buzz.

Examine Other Brands/Launches That Do Well

Is there another brand in your industry that appears to do product launches well? Perhaps there’s a launch you remember that you’d like yours to rival? Examine these brands and launches and figure out exactly how they created such a buzz around the product. Bear in mind that unless you’re a company like Apple, it’s unlikely your launch is going to explode all around the world as theirs seem to. That being said, you can still have an extremely successful launch if you create a great plan.

Test Your Product Thoroughly

Testing your product thoroughly is key to ensure you have a high quality product that’s worth selling. The durability factor is crucial, as you don’t want the buzz around your product tainted by a ton of complaints and returns. Is this product going to do what it says on the tin in the long term, or are you going to have to make a change? You can’t gloss over small errors or issues, as people will talk about them on social media and it will affect your brand. You need to make sure you release your product only when it’s ready. It may be unrealistic to say ‘when it’s perfect’, but it should be very close. You want to minimize the amount of complaints and returns you get, and continue building a positive reputation.

Motivate Your Team Before The Launch

Motivating your team can further build a buzz around your product launch and make sure everything is on schedule. Although you are the driving force behind your product and the launch, your team are the group of people that are going to help you get to where you want to be. If they are buzzing about the launch as much as you, then that’s a good sign.

Remember, it’s important to keep a motivated team year round!

Make Sure You’re Prepared For The Increase In Sales

So, you want a huge buzz to be created around your product, and as many people to buy as possible, but you haven’t really considered how you will manage the increase in sales? This doesn’t make sense at all! If your product launch goes to plan (and you really want to assume that it will if you’re going to succeed) then you will have an influx of new orders that you’ll need to get out correctly and on time. How can you prepare your team for this? Do you have enough available products? Some companies consider setting up a pre-order before the launch of the product so they can get a better idea of how much they need to stock to avoid disappointing their audience.

For this increase in sales, you’re going to need to focus on marketing with a great technique. Using software and apps is a good way to automate the process, but you need to read reviews to ensure you’re getting what you need before spending your money. Many business owners ask is PosiRank a good product? Reading reviews can help you to work this out for yourself and compare similar services that could be of use to you.

Get Feedback After The Launch

After you’ve launched, getting feedback from your audience can be a valuable way to continue improving and optimizing your launches for the future. Ask yourself, did this launch go to plan? If yes/no then why? What could have improved? What issues did we face and overcome? How will we take these lessons and apply them to future launches? Ask your staff for any feedback they may have, and don’t forget to ask for feedback from your audience.

You can’t take any feedback personally,  and must take it and use it to improve your offering. You don’t have to act on every piece of feedback, but if something crops up more than once then it’s worth a look.


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