Marketing Tips To Try In 2018


As we approach the end of the year, it’s important for your business to take stock and work out what your successes have been over the last year, and where there could have been improvements. Businesses can always strive to be better, and the way to boost your profits is through better marketing. While you may think you have tried every marketing tactic in the book, there are always new things to discover.

Want to try something new in 2018? Give these top marketing tips a try.

Facebook Advertising

If your business isn’t already using Facebook advertising, then it should definitely be at the top of your list of things to try in 2018. They have been around for many years now, and there are several smart reasons to use Facebook ads to reach new customers. Not only do Facebook ads allow you to reach a potential audience of over a billion users, but they allow you to narrow that audience to reach the users most relevant to your business. Best of all, you set your own budget – easily giving you the chance to conduct some experiments to see how it all works.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is quickly becoming the fastest-growing source of internet traffic, accounting for more than 75% of traffic this year. If you want to engage with your clients or customers, then live streaming can be the way forward. Research has shown that people will watch a stream for three times as long as they would a standard social media video, a statistic that can’t be ignored when it comes to content marketing. Develop a strategy for interesting streaming content that will appeal to your target demographic and find opportunities to make the services you offer much more engaging and relevant.

Pay Per Call Services

Get smarter with your marketing by using pay per call services. Pay per call is a great way for small businesses to make money, especially if you operate within a small locality or have a niche product or service to sell. It can be a particularly useful tool if you have a large social media following, allowing your customers to call you from wherever they are. Ringba Call Tracking offers some excellent pay per call services that can integrate with your existing business systems to ensure the best results. The upfront costs may look high, but the potential payoff for your business is too great not to consider it.

Video Marketing

Video is big news in the world of marketing. Simple graphics and text are no longer enough to hook people in, and with more and more people consuming content on their phones – it’s worth getting in on the action. Whether you focus on creating stand-out YouTube content or creating video content for Facebook and Instagram, your marketing strategy for next year will need to include video to stay relevant in the market.

Better User Experience

While internet users are increasing the time they spend online, it’s becoming even more competitive to hold their attention. Designing a better user experience for your website or application can help to make your website a must-visit destination, complete with content that gives something to the user. If your business lacks the internal expertise to complete the job, consider hiring an external specialist to help you create the best website possible.

Turn Your Business Into A Popular Brand

Your business is a brand. How your brand is recognized and perceived by others is critical to ensuring business success and bring you the loyal customers you deserve. There are some innovative ways to help you increase your brand popularity, including loyalty schemes and a brand identity that makes you stand out. Consider how your brand looks to the outside world and consider a branding makeover to kickstart 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

When people use the internet, they want to use services that enrich their experience, simplify tasks and feel more involved. Viewing recommendations on platforms like Netflix and Hulu are great examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the user experience. It’s a technology that continues to grow, and could yield excellent results for your business if done well. Product recommendations and more intelligent ecommerce solutions can help create a more immersive experience to help users get the most out of the time spent on your website.

Influencer Marketing

More and more businesses are using influencers to sell their products through social media. It’s a big business, and some of the benefits of using influencers to market your content include reaching new audiences and develop trust. Word of mouth is still one of the biggest influences on purchasing decisions, and people trust the influencers they follow in the same way they trust a friend or a relative. Influencer marketing can also be an affordable way to market particular products or services, and works on both a national and a local scale.

Business Blogging

Blogs are a fantastic way for businesses to generate leads for their website, as well as enhance the user experience. Despite this, many businesses fail to use blogs on their websites, or not use them to their full advantage. Through blogging, businesses can share their expertise and drive awareness of their products and services. If your business doesn’t have a blog, think about creating one and adding some content that will benefit your users. It doesn’t have to be all business, sharing some of your customers’ stories or company developments can add a more human element to your business and develop better relationships with your customers.

Marketing is key to ensure business success, and refreshing your tactics helps to keep things interesting. Trying new marketing techniques can put you in touch with new customers and boost sales, as well as helping you find ways of maximizing your efforts. Whatever your ambitions for 2018, give some thought to overhauling your marketing strategy and see what new ground your business can break in the New Year.


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