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I switched over from Blackberry to Android nearly three years ago and I am very satisfied with all of the Android apps that are available.  I realize that many people say Apple has a much larger number of apps available in it’s app store but I have yet to find a need that could not be met by an existing Android app.

Since I am a freelancer and consultant, I use my smartphone for many things from business banking, time management, project management, social media management, email, and much more.  I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and here are a few of the apps I use everyday for my business needs.

If you read this blog very much then these apps should not be a surprise.

1. Astrid Tasks

Astrid just recently overtook my old favorite task manager (Any.DO) and I have not looked back.  Astrid allows me to assign tasks to people who aren’t even Astrid users and it notifies me when they respond.  It features lists which makes it very easy to organize and segregate my tasks by job or project.  The web version makes it easy to manage my tasks from my desktop and even use the web clipper to clip URLS and create actionable tasks in Astrid.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is such a great service.  It opens up tons of possibilities for use.  Personally I use it to sync certain data between devices and access all of my business files.  An example of when the Android app was useful was when I was visiting a client and did not have my laptop.  The client had misplaced an invoice I had previously sent.  This wasn’t a problem because I have my invoices stored in my Dropbox.  I simply pulled the invoice up on my phone and emailed it to the client who then printed it and payed me.   I also use it to sync my Quickbooks data files.    There are tons of other features in the Dropbox app so this just scratches the surface.

3. Toggl

I’ve mentioned several times on this site that counting and tracking billable time is of utmost importance to me as a freelancer.  Time is literally money for me and other consultants/freelancers.  So losing a couple hours here and there can result in losing quite a bit of income.  I use Toggl to track my billable time.  Toggl is simple and allows me to separate my time by client and project.  It also features a web version which is essential.

These are just a few of the Android apps I use on a daily basis.  If you’ve never tried them then try them out.  If you use something else, then leave a comment and let us know what you use instead.



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