My Survivalist Dream


I have this wild dream that I know will never come true.  I want to live off the grid.  When I say off the grid, I mean self sufficient…I’ll still need internet access.  How else am I going to leave nuggets of wisdom for everyone to read?  I’m not sure what reason I have for wanting live off the grid.   Maybe it’s a guy thing…we just want to think that we can take care of ourselves and our family with no help from the outside.  But the truth of the matter is that most of us have been raised in subdivisions and we may have been fishing a few times or maybe had an herb garden but actually providing everything for our family is a daunting task.

Now, I wasn’t raised in a subdivision.  I was raised in a rural environment and I have plenty of experience with large gardens, hunting, and fishing….20 years ago.  Since college, I have not taken part in any of those activities other than fishing with  the kids.  So, I MIGHT be ok if I had to…but who knows.  So, maybe I just want to be 70% off the grid.

The guy in the video below was able to build a 14×14 solar/wind powered house for $2000.  That’s pretty impressive.  It produces enough electricity to run a water pump, small fridge, laptop, tv, and some gadgets.  That’s pretty cool.  Now, I live in the deep southeast, so a house with no air conditioning just isn’t in the cards for me…unless we’re talking zombie apocalypse.  But, my dream also includes buying some land in Montana and building my little house there.  Not as much need for AC there.  Just a fireplace and wood stove and I could make it.

Anyway, take a look at the video…I think it’s pretty cool.



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Ben is a follower of Christ, a rabid computer geek, small business owner, and breaker of things. He is married way above his station in life and has three wonderful children who have made driving him insane their mission in life.

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