New Dad Advice: Being Productive Despite Not Sleeping


It doesn’t matter how new to this whole being a Dad thing, then you will have probably been in three dozens conversations where you are told, “awww, man, you must be soooo tired!” It is one of the most unnecessary, rhetorical and annoying phrases out there, yet everyone you cross paths with seems to want to say it; even those who haven’t had – or been anywhere near – children.

What’s really annoying, though, is that they are right. You are knackered. It is part and parcel of being a new parent that has a new baby who doesn’t understand the concept of night and day and you not knowing how to get them to sleep. But instead of being told we must be tired, what we want to know is how we can still function properly even though we only got eighteen and a half minutes sleep.

Well, in order to help you out so that you can a) still be a safe and reliable parent and/or b) have a productive day at work, we have come up with some tips and tricks that all dads should know about… other than coffee that is.

Re-hydrate As Soon As You Wake

One of the biggest causes of fatigue is dehydration, which is why re hydration is so important when it comes to feeling tired. The more we drink the more awake and alert we feel. Of course, what we drink can have a big difference.

Our recommendation, however, is for you to drink some lovely cold fruit water first thing, something that is infused with lemon, cucumber or apple, as this will give you that refreshing feeling you are so desperate for. The more you drink the better too because, well, the more you drink the more you need to pee and that means going to the bathroom, which is a great way to not fall asleep at your desk.

Get Your Exercise On, Buddy

Don’t worry, getting this technique to work doesn’t mean you have to go on a 10km run; you just need to be active. That means adding a stretching routine to your mornings, a few bounces on your kid’s trampoline or just good old-fashioned star jumps. What this will do (and by this we mean exercise) is boost your energy levels by getting your blood pumping. It will speed up your circulation, get the energy to your muscles and kick-start your metabolism. As for the hidden benefit of this one, well, you will sleep a whole lot better the next night if you have exercised (kid permitting, of course).

Watch What You Eat

One of the things you definitely avoid doing is eating a large meal. That is just a surefire way to feel mega-sleepy. The other things you should avoid chowing down on are junk food and carbs. Why? Because these will also make you feel very drowsy. What you should do instead is, well, the opposite. You should eat smaller, lighter meals, snack on healthy alternatives and eat foods that are heavy with protein; we’re talking whole grains, fish, veggies, chicken and fruits. Trust us, you’ll not be suffering from any form of food-coma if you follow this rule.

Step Outside Every So Often

Everyone knows that you cannot beat the power of nature. It is just too awesome. Even babies that refuse to sleep at night are no match for the almighty and undefeated nature. On this occasion, stepping outside is a great way to use the sun as a means of overcoming your sleepiness as it will top up your dipping levels of Vitamin D and B. Not only that, but sunlight is a great way to lift your mood and turn your tiredness into a sunny disposition. It will also help your immune system recover, which is good because a lack of sleep is what weakens your immune system. Wow, a triple threat.

Chew On Some Chewing Gum

We don’t know why we had to specify what to do because, well, what else do you do with chewing gum? But, anyway, studies have proved that chewing gum is a great way to battle tiredness because it boosts your cerebral activity and that is what you want when your eyes are closing.

A little bit like the water thing, though, what type of gum you go with matters. So, if you want to get the absolute most out of his strategy then we recommend you pick a gum that oozes mint for the simple reason this has the most awakening effect. That’s science talking by the way and science is never wrong.


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